Setting skills of the hottest proecofnig file

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Tips for setting pro/ecofnig files

details of config configuration

2button_ mouse_ mmb_ Support yes, *no

yes: ctrl+shift+ left button - rotate

it is recommended to use a 3-button mouse no, and a 2-button mouse yes

to add: Wildfire doesn't work. The version before 2001

is simple and convenient when you don't change your E-TEXT; OK, the learning materials are in E. what should I do? Please see the following:

for general multilingual proe:

menu_ Translate

yes, no

when running the non English version of pro/en, specify the language of Lai Dan display,

Yes - use the local language

no - use English,

both - use both local language and English (Bilingual Lai Dan),

metric template settings

the default template of pro/e 2001 is English, and we are used to designing in the metric environment. It is annoying to have to reselect the template every time we create a new file. Add template to o_ solidpart -- mmns_ part_ The solid default template becomes metric

and so on, others are:

template_ mfgmold mmns_ asm_ m

template_ sheetmetalpart mmns_ part_ t

template_ designasm mmns_ asm_ M


display_ Planes yes, no

controls the display of the datum plane. To control the display of datum plane labels, set the configuration option display_ plane_ tags。

yes - displays the datum plane. This is almost twice that of pure polyaniline material. No - does not show the reference plane

display_ plane_ Tags yes, no

the LCD screen of control reference plane test will display the display of PC control label

yes - displays the datum plane label. No - do not display datum plane label

after starting pro/e, Generate "trail" "File processing

this is the automatic saving file of pro/e, which is very important. You can re create a folder and put it in.

setting method:

set up the temp directory under C;

just add trail_dir c:temp to the o file.

to open this kind of file, the method used is:

enter the command under MS-DOS: copy trail*.txt.* T

or in Windows Environment - Opening method - select Notepad to open

set_ menu_ Width integer (range is) (*8)

controls the menu width according to the displayed characters. The default is 8, and the menu width can be specified between characters 8 and 20. This option is not required for the regular pro/engineer menu. This option is useful if you need more than 8 characters to display the unique name of the object or library file (or in a Chinese English bilingual environment). If you only think about this, remember that when you place the cursor on a file name, the file name will be completely displayed in the message window

save_ model_ display shading_ High

preview file can appear as an entity

preview drawing file

save_ drawing_ picture_ File both

features such as ears appear in the menu

allow_ anatomic_ Features yes

set the number of decimal places of values in sketching

sketcher_ dec_ The main cost of plac lies in the life span Es 3

the number of steps allowed to restore operations in sketching

sketcher_ undo_ stack_ Limit 30

number of colors allowed for the model

number_ user_ Colors value (self defined)

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