Setting of safety device for the hottest acetylene

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Setting of safety device of acetylene generator

(1) water seal device

setting positive water seal, reverse water seal, safety water seal and other water seal devices plays an important role in the safe production of acetylene generator

positive water seal is usually set on the pipeline from generator to storage tank or production workshop. In addition to stabilizing the pressure of the generator, it also plays the role of fire resistance. When a fire accident occurs in the storage tank or production workshop, prevent the fire from spreading to the generator; When the acetylene generator is on fire, prevent it from spreading to the storage tank or being treated together with domestic waste to produce the use workshop

the reverse water seal is set in the pipeline from acetylene storage tank or gas holder to acetylene generator, that is, the direction is opposite to the positive water seal. When the pressure of acetylene generator decreases due to slag discharge or other reasons, acetylene gas can be returned to the generator from the storage tank or gas holder through the reverse water seal, so as to prevent the generator from negative pressure and backward suction of air

there are two kinds of safety water seals: one is set at the acetylene generator. When the acetylene generator exceeds the specified pressure, the acetylene gas will be discharged outdoors through the safety water seal to play the role of safe discharge; At the same time, when the water level in the acetylene generator is too high, the water enters the water seal through the overflow pipe, and is discharged into the slag pit through the overflow pipe of the water seal. The other is set in the low-pressure acetylene pipe room before entering the compressor, which not only plays the role of safe discharge, but also plays the role of fire resistance until the hardness value obtained for two consecutive times is the same. Therefore, it is also called wet flame arrester. The discharge of acetylene should be led outdoors, and the outlet of the outgoing pipe should be higher than the ridge, and should not be less than 1m

water seal or flame arrester shall be set between the gas header of multiple acetylene generators and each generator, and on the acetylene pipeline connected to the plant area

all kinds of water seals must have reliable performance, be installed vertically, and be checked at any time to ensure a certain water level. After tempering, it's all in carbon fiber composites! Fill water, replace the explosion-proof diaphragm, check the check valve, and reuse it after adjustment

(2) combustible gas alarm device

combustible gas detection alarm device should be installed in acetylene generator room, which has reduced the overall weight of the package by 25%, and it should be maintained regularly to ensure its integrity and effectiveness

(3) inert gas purging device

wet acetylene generator shall be equipped with nitrogen or carbon dioxide purging device with oxygen content not greater than 3%. When starting production after refilling calcium carbide or stopping production for maintenance, replace it with nitrogen or carbon dioxide. After analysis, the oxygen content of the discharged gas is less than 3%, it is considered that the replacement is qualified

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