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"Electricity" lights up the road for thousands of miles, and eight sets of street lamp lighting devices will be erected within an hour

Yangtze River, February 1 (Zhang Ge correspondent Wang Xin) "power supply company, I'm Xinzhou District covid-19 infection prevention and control headquarters, and I ask you for street lamp lighting assistance..."

"OK, mingbai, arrange it right away."

at 19:30 on January 30, Li Dan, director of the operation and maintenance department of Xinzhou district power supply company in Wuhan, received the emergency help from the district covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid-19-covid

the epidemic is an order, and the time is urgent. After receiving it, Li Danli reported the situation to the Party committee of the company. With the strong support and help of the Party committee of the company, more than 20 people on duty and the construction team were quickly organized to rush to the scene with emergency repair vehicles and equipment. After the investigation and implementation of the site situation, the assembled personnel were quickly divided into three groups on the site, wearing safety helmets and masks, holding wires and carrying ladders on their shoulders, carefully and nervously carrying out the erection

cable laying... Lamp assembly... Foundation fixation... Fire connection... Power on... All installation works are in order. After working hard for an hour, at 20:37 that day, rows of street lights were lit on the playground of the experimental middle school

"thank you... Thank you... Thank you so much. It's really a responsibility for you to help in such an urgent and dangerous situation!" The head of the district covid-19 prevention and control headquarters said excitedly to Li Dan and the staff

"you are too outspoken. Although our responsibilities are different, our goals are the same, and we will fight the battle against the epidemic together."

"drop, drop, drop..." at 20:40, four trucks loaded with the wishes of Shifang farmers in Deyang City, Sichuan Province drove into the playground of Xinzhou experimental middle school, bringing 70 tons of vegetables they donated free of charge to Xinzhou epidemic area

it is reported that the erection of emergency lighting lines this time requires the erection of 10 wooden poles, the setting out of 120 volt overhead conductors for 400 meters, and the installation of 30 lights. After the erection is completed, the company will also arrange special personnel to be on duty 24 hours to ensure the electricity protection of emergency supplies during the epidemic

the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic has begun. The people of the whole country worked together to fight the epidemic. Electricity is an important guarantee for epidemic prevention and control. To overcome difficulties, reliable electricity is indispensable. All the staff of Xinzhou district power supply company in Wuhan turned their loyalty to the party, the motherland and the people and their dedication to work into practical actions in the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia. When the epidemic was raging, they were fearless in the face of danger and provided 24-hour service to provide the strongest guarantee for winning the battle

[: Liu Ming, Guo Wenjie]

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