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Research and control technology, innovate and explore the future -- Interview with Mr. jungle, general manager of research and control technology

in the field of motion control, it is undeniable that domestic motion control enterprises are facing a globally integrated competition pattern. They should not only deal with the impact of European, American and Japanese brands, but also grasp the development opportunities of manufacturing industry upgrading. In such a situation where opportunities and challenges coexist, Shenzhen yako Automation Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the local representative enterprises of motion control, has sprung up in the market with innovation and development

R & C was founded in 2006 (the company's product technology has been successfully developed and mature since 1996, and has been applied and popularized all over the world). At the beginning of its establishment, it has been based on Shenzhen Nanshan District Science and Technology Park, which is known as China's economically active silicon Valley Center of science and technology. Up to now, the enterprise people are an important part of the polyurethane resin that is currently developing rapidly, and the number has expanded from a few people to nearly 300 today, A production base has been established in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, and the market touch has extended to Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other regions, with nearly 20 offices across the country. Facing the achievements made today, Lin Xiaoyan, general manager of research control technology, said that it was mainly due to the increasing market demand of the automation industry due to the rapid development of China's economy. In fact, looking back on the development and growth track of R & C

in the market, it insists on putting science and technology first, and innovation and change are the core elements of its success and great achievements

independent research and development, mastering core technology

from the beginning of its establishment, research control positioned the enterprise in the research and development, production and sales of motion control products, and created YK series brands through independent research and development, mainly including four series of products, including stepper motor drivers, servo motor drivers, motion controllers, and motion control service journey is hard cards, with nearly 100 varieties. According to gongkong market survey data, the growth rate of the motion control industry reached 82.7% in 2010, and the market growth was slow in 2011, with a year-on-year increase of 22%. In such a market environment, the growth of research control in 2011 was still higher than the market average, with an increase of 40%. Research control attaches great importance to talent investment and adheres to the strong investment in the R & D team. We have invested complete R & D equipment for R & D personnel and pursue independent R & D and innovation in product technology. We hope to master the independent core technology of various products through continuous innovation to ensure the success of independent research and development of each product. Cong said that in terms of hardware, research control has been in a leading position in the industry for many years, and has always been steady in software technology, requiring that each product launched has its own core technology. It can be seen that behind the rapid development of the research and control market is its tireless pursuit of independent research and development and mastering core technologies

among the independent research and development achievements of research and control, the most representative case is the DSP digital stepping driver independently developed by research and control, which fully abides by Hooke's law for four years. This product has a long research and development cycle, which makes research control very mature in product technology. DSP products have accumulated solid R & D experience in hardware and operation at the beginning. Therefore, in the future, with the change of user needs, product upgrading is also very convenient. We only need to make changes on the platform to meet the needs. President Cong can't hide his joy. DSP digital stepping driver has invested the efforts of research and control researchers, and also makes people full of expectations for the DSP digital stepping driver market

according to President Cong, the company's DSP digital step-by-step driver has launched a full range of two-phase and three-phase products. Two phase DSP digital stepping driver products will be widely promoted in medical, electronic equipment and laser equipment industries. Three phase DSP digital stepping driver products are mainly in machine tool processing, packaging equipment, engraving and other industries with high-power and high-speed requirements. President Cong added: the medical and electronic equipment industries are the focus of attention this time, because these industries have high requirements for the stability of products. Compared with previous products, there may be some noise, which is not suitable for industries with high environmental requirements. However, DSP digital stepping driver has met the needs of users in terms of performance advantages. The new generation of DSP digital stepping driver has fast response, smooth acceleration and deceleration process, high positioning accuracy at constant speed and small tracking error; With speed smoothing function, it can be customized to replace the servo system in some medium and low speed applications to achieve a good running effect of servo; With adaptive control of attenuation mode and attenuation time, the current waveform distortion is small when the switch operates in the minimum switching mode

dsp digital stepping driver's independent core technology is that it adopts micro fractional variable step size adaptive control technology, which can greatly reduce the vibration of inching and short line control in low subdivision configuration; Vector control technology is adopted, with stable operation, low noise and low heating. The communication function has reached the same communication ability as foreign products. This product can be widely used in dispensing machines, laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser Phototypesetting, marking machines, plotters, medical equipment, engraving machines, CNC machine tools and other automatic equipment

Cong Zong said that through the cultivation and accumulated market experience in the field of motion control over the years, it is found that local manufacturers gradually occupy a certain market share in the field of general motion controllers, but in the high-end application field, the market is still dominated by foreign brands. He pointed out that the reason is that most Chinese manufacturers lack investment in research and development, and most of them focus on buying schemes, which has led to local manufacturers circling in the middle and low-end market and unable to enter the high-end market; In the process of inspecting the R & D and production of oil delivery valves, enterprises should pay attention to details, ensure the refinement of each process and production link, and ensure the product quality in the use of original accessories. Only in this way can local enterprises' international market competitiveness and brand influence be more effectively improved

comprehensive improvement and future layout

driven by the development of domestic energy conservation and emission reduction and industrial upgrading, the automation market will continue to grow at a high speed in the future, and the market demand for industrial control products is also growing. Research control has also made a comprehensive layout in terms of R & D, production and sales for future market opportunities

in terms of product research and development, the development direction of research control is to insist on providing customers with complete solutions. In fact, research control has always had shaft universal/special motion controllers, and many customers are using these products. President Cong said that this year, research control mainly launched a new generation, which aims to provide customers with better overall solutions according to the needs of users at different levels. At the same time, research control will continue to increase investment in drivers, so that drivers and controllers can be grasped together. The future product R & D route is to integrate drive and control to achieve integrated development

in terms of production capacity, research control added a production center base with a usable area of 2000 square meters in Bao'an District of Shenzhen last year, which has been completed and put into production. The newly completed production center integrates original testing, production, aging testing and goods storage, which greatly improves the overall operation efficiency. A large number of the latest production technologies are used on the workshop production line, with an annual production capacity of up to 1million units. It is worth mentioning that the new production center has reached a high level in terms of product aging detection. It keeps burning the machine for 24 hours and strives to provide customers with inspection free products. In terms of selecting components, research control insists on selecting high-quality components for production, including Ti, IR, Mitsubishi, Phoenix Contact, TingYang and other well-known component manufacturers and agents. So as to ensure the research and control of high-quality products, and then win the trust of customers. The strict production process and process execution of research and control fully ensure that all stepping servo driver products of research and control can be safely used in various environments, especially in harsh and complex environments such as high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion and high dust, such as glass, ceramics and other machinery industries. The application effect has been verified for many years, and the quality is stable and reliable

in terms of marketing, research control adheres to the direct selling mode. With the rapid increase of the company's production capacity, research control will intensify efforts to strengthen the establishment of regional offices this year. Last year, research control has set up a branch in Shanghai, successfully laid out the East China market, and established more than a dozen regional offices. In recent years, with the relocation of many large manufacturing production bases to the west, research control will consider gradually expanding the southwest market and establishing offices in Chongqing, Xi'an and other places. President Cong said that in the future, with the maturity of the market and the improvement of product popularity, the company will also consider adopting the sales mode of channel agency


follow the waves in the sea. If you don't advance, you will fall back. The decision of the advance and retreat of an enterprise cannot be attributed entirely to the external market environment, but to the gradual improvement of its own positioning and self-cultivation. As one of the representatives of China's local automation enterprises, research control can maintain a sustained high-speed growth momentum despite the sluggish operation of the automation market. President Cong predicts that the market will continue to achieve 30% growth this year. The reason for this success should be attributed to the overall internal requirements and persistent pursuit of independent innovation of research and control

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