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The main content of the project of Yunnan Tonghai Hanguang Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. R & D laser anodized aluminum is to further improve the process scheme of laser anodized aluminum, optimize the process parameters, develop high-quality and high-end special edition holographic laser anodized aluminum products that can adapt to high-speed hot stamping and fine graphic hot stamping, and fill the gap in the production of laser anodized aluminum products for cigarette tipping paper hot stamping and other packaging purposes in Yunnan Province

laser anodized aluminum is a new packaging bronzing substrate, which has stronger anti-counterfeiting performance than general anodized aluminum. Text patterns can be added as required, with a strong sense of three-dimensional and authenticity. Laser anodized aluminum has various colors and patterns, such as gold, silver, red, green, basket, black, etc. it is suitable for hot stamping copper sheet paper, tipping paper, ink paper, plastic products, wood, leather, silk, lacquer cloth, etc. it has the advantages of good ironing, strong gloss, bright colors, friction resistance, good slitting, etc

laser anodized aluminum can be widely used in packaging and decoration materials. It is a product with high added value. Its quality assurance needs to meet the following conditions: first, the equipment is high-precision automatic control. Second, the film materials used in production have good stability. Third, in the production process, the process (raw material formula, process parameters, etc.) and the production environment temperature and humidity are strictly controlled, and the product detection means are complete and precise

at present, the vast majority of domestic electrochemical aluminum products are ordinary electrochemical aluminum, which can only hot stamp ordinary paper and ink, and most of them use manual or semi-automatic flat sheet hot stamping method. The hot stamping speed is slow and the work efficiency is low, which is difficult to meet the high-speed and high-precision flat stamping, round stamping and other hot stamping methods of imported equipment. There are three types of holographic hot stamping: ordinary hologram random hot stamping, special hologram random hot stamping, and the world-renowned supplier of market research and industry analysis of advanced and intelligent materials, n-tech released the 2015 (2) 020 color changing material market analysis report, special hologram positioning hot stamping. Hologram positioning ironing technology is very difficult, which requires not only printing plants to be equipped with high-performance and high-precision special positioning ironing equipment, but also high-quality special positioning ironing anodized aluminum. The production process should also be strictly controlled to produce qualified cigarette packaging products. Due to the high anti-counterfeiting performance of positioning hot stamping marks, they are used in banknotes, important certificates and other occasions. The ordinary gold and silver electrochemical aluminum produced by Yunnan Tonghai Hanguang Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. and the holographic plain laser electrochemical aluminum developed by this project are mainly cigarette packaging products supporting Hongta Group. The ordinary electrochemical aluminum products produced are applied to the packaging of high-end commodities - wine boxes, tea boxes, food, medicine, etc., and the potential market demand is about 1million standard rolls per year

laser electrochemical aluminum is the product of the combination of two methods of displacement calibration of ordinary electrochemical aluminum, laser hologram modeling technology and chemical industry technology. Based on the principle of laser rainbow holography technology, using argon ion or helium cadmium laser as the light source, using the method of holography, making a high brightness rainbow holographic master on the photoresist, and then using electroforming technology to copy the hologram on the master to the metal nickel plate, and then copying the rainbow pattern to the polyester film, PVC film or paper through hot pressing technology, its brilliant colors, The lifelike three-dimensional effect makes this kind of products have strong artistic appeal and anti-counterfeiting function

Yunnan Tonghai Hanguang Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. has laid the foundation for the industrialization research and development of the project based on the experience of ordinary electrochemical aluminum production. The biggest difference between the production of ordinary anodized aluminum and laser anodized aluminum is mainly the difference in the way of laser molding. At the same time, there are also great differences in the formula and process of back glue, plus the difference in transferability and transfer mode. The transfer performance needs to be determined by many factors, such as the performance, area size, transfer mode, transfer temperature, speed and so on. Therefore, the key point of the production process control of laser anodized aluminum is to control its transfer performance. The difficulty of technology development will be the selection and control of a "new material" molding process developed by BASF

at present, the laser anodized aluminum produced by Yunnan Tonghai Hanguang Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the test, and can basically meet the high-speed hot stamping of fully automatic imported equipment, the fine hot stamping of tipping paper, and the normal hot stamping at the speed of 70m/min-80m/min and the hot stamping temperature of 200 ℃ -230 ℃

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