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According to the news, the U.S. team of scientists is developing a new microscope technology to complete the sealing effect in this case, and will use it to determine whether extraterrestrial life really exists. The device is a digital holographic microscope, which can effectively sample and identify microorganisms in the outer solar system

although the scientific community has been controversial about how to effectively continue and ensure that there are no problems in the subsequent search for extraterrestrial life, it is generally believed that if it is on a planet, then finding water is the first thing to do, and NASA has always followed this principle. But when water ice or even water source is found, the biggest problem is how to determine the composition. Take Encel of the solar system, which can divide PHA into two categories: adus. There are a lot of geysers and steam eruptions on the planet, but even if there is a certain form of life in it, it is difficult for scientists on earth to identify these microorganisms from 790 million miles (1.27 billion kilometers) away

the California Institute of technology has provided a new observation method by developing a digital holographic microscope, that is, instead of focusing the target with a lens, it uses a laser to display the 3D motion of microscopic particles. Researchers will analyze the movement to determine whether the target object is an organism or a non organism. Researchers said that the evidence provided so far showed that the digital holographic microscope technology using laser to record 3D images may be the best choice for human beings to discover space microorganisms

team members hope to use this device to further study Enceladus. On April 14 this year, NASA held a press conference to announce that Enceladus already had all the elements necessary for life, and Europa, which was in a similar situation, also had the potential to discover life

scientists will continue to test the device in the next step. Recently, other institutions are also stepping up their search for extraterrestrial life. A week ago, the famous "search for extraterrestrial civilization" project (SETI) announced that it would build observatories around the world and use lasers to continuously search the entire sky


whether extraterrestrial life really exists has been controversial in the scientific community, but our exploration of extraterrestrial life has never stopped. Another waste phenomenon of American Express packages is that they are big boxes and small boxes - sometimes in a big box, scientists will use it to determine whether extraterrestrial life really exists by developing new microscope technology. As a digital holographic microscope, it can effectively sample and identify microorganisms in the outer solar system and help us explore the mystery of cosmic life. This will be an interesting exploration journey

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