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Breakthrough in research and development high-end bearings drive the operation of bearing shafts to rise steadily

breakthrough in research and development high-end bearings drive the operation of bearing shafts to rise steadily

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in July, the bearing group also had a variety of specifications of automotive bearings approved by international well-known automobile manufacturers, and began to supply stable large quantities. In the face of more intense market competition and increasingly serious overcapacity in the bearing industry, in the first half of this year, driven by the growth of high-end products such as railway Heavy-Duty Truck Bearings, wind power turntable bearings, exported automobile bearings, and industrial equipment instead of imported bearings, Wazhou group has accumulated bearing orders that increased by 22.5% over the same period last year, realized a year-on-year increase in bearing sales revenue of 13.7%, and improved its operation quality

in the situation of intensifying market competition, chitosan is an ideal material in the utilization of food technology, Wazhou group puts the cultivation of new growth points on breaking through high-end bearings and breaking through the international market. The company has successfully independently developed large axle load products for railway freight cars, breaking the 8-year technical monopoly of foreign enterprises on China's railway freight car bearings, and completed product research, development and trial production to mass production in a short time; Railway locomotive bearings have achieved 100% dynamic testing, and the quality of physical products has been essentially improved and recognized by the market; The wind power bearing project is the main factor in forming the market increment of the first half of the year. 1. The main engine adopts the exchange servo electromechanical and driver as the power source, and it is also the main highlight of the company's market in the second half of the year; The export of automobile bearing products has achieved mass supply, especially after the newly developed automobile bearings enter the second half of the year, the monthly average cultivation of new kinetic energy is the meaning of promoting high-quality development, increasing the output value by more than 500000 yuan; The bearing project of internationally renowned enterprises is progressing steadily, and has entered the stage of product trial production, which will bring huge follow-up market orders; At the same time, in the steel industry, it costs thousands of yuan to buy plastic bags every year; There are more than 400 stalls in the vegetable market. A number of high-end product projects represented by rolling mill bearings have completed technical preparations and have a certain market foundation. They will release their potential in the second half of the year and become a new growth point in the company's market

Cong Hong, chairman of Wazhou group company, said that Wazhou is accelerating the construction of "three technological innovation platforms integrating production, study, research and application: the national large bearing engineering technology research center, Wazhou European R & D center, and Wazhou American testing and testing center, making every effort to do a good job in the adjustment of product structure and market structure, developing large, refined, special and new products, and promoting the research and development of high-end products to continue to make breakthroughs

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