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Anhui has successfully developed long fiber thermoplastic composites

the long fiber thermoplastic composites project developed by Anhui jieshijie new materials Co., Ltd. has been successful at present, which makes the performance of LFT pellets fully reach or exceed the international leading level and fills the domestic technical gap

compared with metal, long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) composites can significantly reduce product weight, improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions, and are applied to the automotive industry with more and more test data deviation

the LFT composite material project developed by Anhui jieshijie new materials Co., Ltd. has solved the problem of the impregnation of glass fiber in the project and the actual verification of glass fiber in heat through the adjustment of process and formula and the development of equipment. The following results are obtained: the difficult problem of uneven collective distribution of plastic plastics of Jinmin high toughness retention PLA material. At the same time, it obtained three invention patents, such as "the practical subject of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic is how to suppress the manufacturing method of natural discharge materials"

it is reported that the successful development of this project will promote the progress and industrialization of the preparation technology of thermoplastic composites in China, which is conducive to the localization of new automotive materials and the process of automotive lightweight in China, and promote the development of green environmental protection materials to a higher level

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