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Plastic products shine brightly on the stage of if design awards

nook chairs that have won the if design award

the design community has waited for a year, looking forward to seeing who this year's if award and red dot award will go to. Among them, the international community has a mature test standard for thermal viscosity testing - ASTM f1921. Many works involve the innovative application of plastic materials

the international design forum was held in Hanover, Germany, and the if design award was awarded to the nook chair designed by patrickfrey, which can be used indoors and outdoors

The shape of nook chair combines straight line and curve perfectly. It is made of a complete varioline foam polypropylene board through high-pressure injection molding and is produced in the factory in Aachen, Germany. Nook chair was launched at IMM furniture exhibition in Cologne in January this year

varioline is a kind of foam board with closed structure, which is usually used in small vans, business cars, boats and yachts. It has the urgent outer surface and edge of non porous graphite industry transformation, and is produced by high pressure, injection compression, gas back pressure and foam molding process. This process can bear the grouting pressure of 1800 bar, and can get 4.5 square meters of tension-free plate

varioline plates used in nook chairs are beige, black, gray, purple, red and white, all of which are made of PP and PE UV resistant masterbatches from Lehua, Germany

the work that won the if award and the red dot award at the same time is a PP dustbin designed by Ding3000 in Cologne, which can place dry and wet garbage in two different containers inside and outside respectively

saschanordmeyer's eco efficient table won the red dot award for its sustainable design. The table legs produced by injection molding process are made of lignin based composite materials, and the table top is made of beech thin plates

in addition, suitcases made of reinforced PP composites, sleds made of PE and travel chargers made of PC also won the red dot award. The red dot award also praised the use of TPE materials for sideri power tools

other if design awards were awarded to Moir é chairs, which used non reinforced PP materials to design a multi lattice structure; And medical endoscope with PEEK shell

the heaviest if design companies usually choose low-risk regions for overseas projects. The gold medal was awarded to POC Sweden's leather helmet. The helmet is wrapped by light carbon composite material, and the inner aramid fiber reinforced lining shell is filled with polypropylene foam

about if:

if design award was established in Germany in 1953. Now, if and red (red dot) have become the two most important awards in the global design industry, and are the main indicators to measure the level of world industrial design. The judges of if are composed of the world's top designers, who set the competition standards and select the contestants who meet the qualifications before the Pb point, so as to ensure the particularity and high-quality reputation of each if design competition. Every year, thousands of products from all over the world compete for various awards. A jury composed of well-known experts selects the best products in various categories and awards them design awards. Among them, the best works will also win the if Gold Award, which is also regarded as the "Oscar" in the design industry

the 2010 if China Design Award brings together leading craft works from various industries in China. It includes 15 categories, including communication, computer, office and business, leisure and lifestyle. The evaluation criteria include design quality, creative process, material selection, degree of innovation, environmental protection, functionality, ergonomics, operational visibility, safety, brand value/brand marketing and general design

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