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Plastic products: furniture is popular and building materials are optimistic.

recently, with the popularity of some plastic products with beautiful shape, light weight and bright color in the furniture market in Yili, Xinjiang, many furniture manufacturers suddenly found a new business opportunity in addition to the "wooden face" they are used to. In recent years, the wide application of plastic building materials in various fields has also created a rare development space for plastic products manufacturers. It can be said that the current production of plastic products is in the east wind and has great prospects

according to the survey, plastic furniture, including all kinds of chairs and clothes, is very popular in the Ili market at present. Through this platform, there are a large number of new customer shelves, shoe shelves, dining tables, children's bedroom appliances, etc. in the western region. The reason why people buy Plastic furniture is that compared with wooden furniture, its price is lower and it is convenient to use in various environments (indoor and outdoor). At the same time, the bright color, unique shape, light weight, and easy to clean are also advantages that general wooden furniture does not have. At present, this kind of plastic furniture is increasingly favored by local consumers

from the popularity of plastic furniture in Ili market, it can be predicted that China's furniture manufacturing industry will present a colorful new scene in the near future

while plastic furniture is popular, it is not difficult for people to find that plastic products are increasingly receiving widespread attention. Especially in the building materials industry, plastic products have a wide range of applications because of their light weight, light transmission, heat preservation, flexibility, convenient installation and other advantages, as well as the irreplaceable excellent performance of other products

at present, the application of plastic products in building materials products has shown a diversified trend. Its main products, such as plastic plate, plastic pipe and plastic steel window, have their outstanding characteristics

foaming products: first, hard skin low foaming board. It can be widely used in furniture manufacturing, decorative panels, foam profiles and other decorative panels; The second is foamed hollow profile plate. The door and window hollow profiles or hollow plates made by foaming method have very excellent sound insulation and heat preservation properties, and can be used for furniture, houses and other cement mold trial technical parameters: assembly and manufacturing; Third, CO extrude foamed plates and pipes. Using CO extrusion technology, three-layer co extruded foam board and pipe products can be produced, which are light in weight, and have good sound insulation performance and heat preservation effect

transparent hollow sheet transparent hollow sheet is generally made of PC or PVC and made by extrusion molding. It is widely used because of its outstanding advantages such as light weight, light transmission, heat preservation, bendability and so on. In terms of transparency, it can completely replace glass, and its advantages are unmatched by glass

multi functional decorative profiles cleverly combine hollow decorative profiles with the card slots of cloth wires, which can be decorated and wired, and is a development in line with China's national conditions. "Christian wolfsberger, the development manager of Engel's composite technology business, introduced the direction

corrugated board now there are many plastic extruded corrugated boards, including transparent, opaque and colored, and multilayer composite hollow. Because of its good plasticity, it can meet the requirements of various architectural shapes

the plastic sliding window with double or three rails makes the inner side of the double rail window frame have a slot, which connects the screen track with the bayonet of the window frame. In this way, it can be used as a double rail sliding window, and can also be changed into a three rail sliding window according to needs, so as to meet different needs. This product is light, easy to pull, easy to install and long service life

China is a country with extremely scarce forest resources, so we must improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood and minimize the use of wood. At present, the vigorous development of plastic manufacturing industry has just solved the urgent need of wood shortage, brought a new wind to furniture, building materials and other industries, and created a broad development space for plastic manufacturing and processing enterprises whose transfer switch should be turned to the "load" position

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