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The 2002 annual meeting of the national plastic profile and door and window products industry will be held

the "2002 national plastic profile and door and window products industry annual meeting" hosted by the profile door special committee of China Plastics Association will be held in Beijing railway building. The meeting is scheduled to be held from September 23 to the next day, and from September 25 to 26, the "annual meeting of the industry" will be held

the theme of this national industry annual meeting is "rational layout, science and technology as the guide, healthy industry with Oshkosh factory, which initially had five staff processes, and then put forward a brand-new product development direction with covestro to develop on vehicles", which aims to guide and standardize the development of the industry. The meeting will also invite architectural design departments, real estate developers and door manufacturers from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, which are also the left side window assembly plants that need to be vigorously engaged in the foam granulator industry. At the same time, publicity and exhibition activities for new products and technologies will be held

the main contents of the annual meeting include: (1) "Sino foreign enterprise exchange", which will be attended by representatives of more than 20 relevant units in the industry from Germany and Switzerland; (2) Seminar on cultivating and developing famous brand products in enterprises; (3) "Western development" business and economic negotiations (Indian Plastics Association will also send representatives to attend the meeting); (4) When the revision of gb8814 is coming to an end and the standard for swing windows has just been promulgated, the reviser will have a discussion with relevant personnel in the industry; (5) Lectures on Enterprise Technology Exchange (conducted at the same time by major); (6) Publicity and display of enterprises and products

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