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What is the temporary loader that has been used for nearly ten years

code for construction of residential decoration engineering GB 50327 ⑵ 001 temporary loader, which has been used for nearly ten years, what is it like

it is harmful to the development of the industry, but not beneficial. China Construction Machinery Information

it is the dog days with a rolling heat wave. The author was so hot that he went to talk with Lao Wu

Lao Wu, named Wu anyong, is a senior service manager of Shandong Lingong import and export company. He has been serving overseas markets for more than ten years. He can skillfully explain the hydraulic principle and service problems of construction machinery with Bernoulli equation of fluid mechanics

wuanyong (second from the left), manager of Shandong temporary work service, recently many friends asked me, "you said that the quality of your temporary work loaders is good. How good is it? How many years can it be used?"

this question is actually very difficult to answer! Just in time, ask Lao Wu and see what he says

unexpectedly, Lao Wu did not directly answer my question. Instead, he opened the folder in the computer and let me see the photos he had just taken during his overseas visit

in Saudi Arabia, one of the bases of Shandong Lingong overseas market, Lao Wu visited a world-famous concrete company. The company has been using Shandong temporary work loaders since 2008. It has been nearly 10 years and has purchased dozens of temporary work equipment. The temporary work equipment is too durable, so it is used like this

I asked Lao Wu, "how long has this car been working?"

Lao Wu didn't say a word, but just opened another picture for me. The picture is the working time table of the loader, which shows that the truck has been working for 17587 hours

Lao Wu said that this timepiece was not originally made for temporary work (the original timepiece has a temporary work logo), but was replaced by another customer after the warranty period. Therefore, the car has worked for at least 20000 hours

What?! 20000 hours is the concept of "god horse"? How many years has this car been in use

Lao Wu was a careful man. He opened another picture and showed me the factory number "" on the nameplate of the loader

the factory number of the loader is the same as our ID number, which is the only identification code. Through this number, you can find out the equipment configuration, production date, sales date and other information

through the factory number, Lao Wu quickly found out the warehousing date of the car from the system: February 16th, 2008

OMG! This car was delivered to the customer after production in early 2008. So far, it has been used for nearly ten years and has been in use. Lao Wu, who is well-informed, did not care about my surprise

about the question I asked at the beginning, Lao Wu seemed to think of it and answered: "In fact, the service life of construction machinery is similar to that of human beings. Some people have good inborn genes. If they are well maintained the day after tomorrow, they will have a long service life. On the contrary, they will have a short service life. The same is true of machines. Therefore, if you want to use loaders for a long time, first, you should choose temporary ones with good quality when you buy them, and second, you should strictly maintain them when you use them. Temporary vehicles have been used for a long time, and timely and standardized after-sales maintenance plays an important role. In other words, We service engineers have also made great contributions! "

at this point, Lao Wu's face showed a slightly shy look of pride

some people say that the highest realm of communication is pleasant chat. Perhaps, without chatting with Lao Wu, I will never know how many years the temporary loader can be used, nor why it can be used for so many years

a few years ago, some foreign users were biased against the quality of Chinese products, saying that our loaders would have to be replaced in a few years. Now, more and more facts can prove that Shandong Lingong, a reliable bearer of heavy trust, is worthy of being an outstanding representative of China's construction machinery industry

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