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What does the rise of China's manufacturing industry depend on?

in the first half of 2016, the operating income was 94.205 billion yuan, an increase of 1.04% over the same period in the first half of the year; The net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company will cause an error of 4.795 billion yuan in the test results, an increase of 2.04% over the same period in the first half of the year... This beautiful "report card" comes from CRRC, the world's largest rail transit equipment manufacturer (10.660,0.16,1.52%)

the secret why CRRC can keep leading in the industry for a long time is that it never stops innovation and transformation, which is also the only way for China to make

rely on innovation to move towards the high end of value

Sany Heavy Industry (6.730,0.04,0.60%) is located in "plant 18" in Changsha. This is one of the largest intelligent manufacturing workshops in Asia, mainly producing pump trucks, mixing machines and other products. The pump truck automatic production line here completely controls the system and core components through the equipment independently developed by SANY. The sales volume of new energy vehicles in the plant is expected to exceed 1million. All links of logistics, assembly and quality inspection have been automated. An order can be quickly and accurately broken down to each station level by level

"the integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing technology is bringing profound changes to the manufacturing industry around the world." Professor xujiabin of Renmin University of China said that at present, the gap between China and the world's cutting-edge science and technology in quite a number of fields is at a historical minimum, and we have the ability to move towards the high end of the value chain

for this reason, local governments frequently make practical moves. Only in Hunan, Changsha proposed to build a "national intelligent manufacturing center" to promote the intelligent transformation of more than 2600 enterprises; Zhuzhou plans to invest more than 20billion yuan to start the construction of "China Power Valley"; Xiangtan proposed to build an "intelligent manufacturing Valley"

manufacturing industry has become the main battlefield of technological innovation in China. "Technological innovation in China's industrial sector has gone through many stages, such as imitation innovation, integration innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation. It is transforming from follow-up innovation to leading innovation." Li Beiguang, deputy director of the planning department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said

rely on quality to win the respect of the market

"CRRC Metro can be called a world-renowned international transportation line!" This sentence comes from the letter of thanks from Rio metro of Brazil to CRRC. What Rio Metro praised was the metro train of CRRC serving the 2016 Olympic special line

in the European and American markets, CRRC has also won customers' hearts by relying on excellent quality and technology. In March this year, CRRC received orders for 846 metro vehicles from Chicago, the United States, setting a record for China's Metro exports to developed countries. In the first half of this year, the newly signed overseas orders of CRRC increased by 126% year-on-year

according to the data, at present, China has imported 118million tons of non-ferrous metals in the form of general trade, and the products of China national automobile have been exported to 102 countries and regions on six continents around the world, covering 83% of the countries and regions with railways in the world, realizing the transformation of export products from low-end to high-end, and the export market from Asia, Africa and Latin America to Europe and the United States

CRRC's achievements in winning global respect are hard won. Today, China's manufacturing industry is facing a "double whammy". Some western developed countries are paying more attention to manufacturing industry and accelerating the "return of manufacturing industry" and "re industry"; Later, some other developing countries undertake the transfer of manufacturing industries at lower labor production costs than China

therefore, one of the manufacturing development policies established in made in China 2025 is "quality first". Changsha Nansheng, deputy director of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that in the basic field, the quality and reliability of some of our key materials, key parts and core systems are not too high. They have long been dependent on imports and controlled by others. "If China's manufacturing industry wants to break through the tight encirclement and the bottleneck of development, it must change the situation of low-level and low value-added manufacturing industry, which must first start with quality."

rely on ingenuity to interpret "made in China"

would you be surprised if a rope with a diameter of only 5mm was used to lift the Jiaolong manned submersible? However, in Shandong Qingdao hailiya group, Huang Tao, director of the technology center, and his team have made such impossibility possible

"the 9000 meter long rope should occupy a lot of space for Jiaolong. It should not be too thick or too heavy." Huang Tao said that in order to customize this "rope of life", he and his team have been tackling key problems day and night for two months, repeatedly carrying out tests on pressure, elasticity and hardness, and finally handing over a 108 kg rope, less than fivethousandths of the weight of the Jiaolong

a piece of rope has enabled the team to have a number of "specialized, special and new" technology accumulation and stand on the peak of China's special ropes and cables

in Beijing, BAIC Foton, the first seller in the commercial vehicle market, has put "ingenuity" into the research and development of new technologies, and has not forgotten to improve the convenient and comfortable use performance

now, through the application of auxiliary driving, vehicle cargo matching, information interaction and other vehicle coupling technologies, Foton is realizing the interactivity, communication and monitoring of freight vehicle operation through original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion and absorption and re innovation, so as to solve the problem of vehicle, cargo and human information matching in the logistics industry, thus greatly improving efficiency

in today's China, the manufacturing industry is facing fierce competition and the pressure of climbing transformation. There are few product varieties, low quality and weak brands, which need to be solved in innovation. "Craftsman spirit" does not only mean a brick by brick craft, but also contains the requirements of the times with innovation as the guide, technology as the life and quality as the pursuit

looking around the world, the realization path and supporting conditions of manufacturing power are different, but the ingenuity of manufacturers is always the soul. As Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out, "ingenuity is the essence of craftsmanship and the key to building a quality brand made in China."

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