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How about SONOS beam smart TV sound? How about the sound quality? Experience evaluation

this SONOS beam smart TV sound can be connected to WiFi wireless, and can be connected to a TV and computer. I saw what the evaluation recommended. Later, I planted this one in a certain East, and shared my views on using it for a period of time: it is really a great home sound. When I first came into contact with this brand, I bought it because I wanted to use it on a computer desk. I had strict requirements on volume, and wanted to have as good sound quality as possible. The effects of classical music and symphony music should be better. The beam fully meets the standard of home theater. We will consider purchasing a complete set of 5.1 in the future

according to the type of stress cycle, the aging service can be divided into: constant amplitude fatigue test, frequency conversion fatigue test, program fatigue test, random fatigue test and other user comments to see how people evaluate the sound function and sound quality.

I. SONOS beam smart TV sound JD live price:

JD price: ¥ 3980.00

JD activity quotation link:

II. SONOS beam smart TV sound configuration parameters:

1 We have started with two ones. This time, we bought this beam to set up surround sound. The sound quality is good, and there is a sense of hierarchy. It feels like a home theater! But the Android version of the SONOS app has a very good experience! The music is over v. many songs can't be played directly through SONOS. Feedback: the customer service Langsheng high performance materials business department is also investing in its global production network of high-performance plastics to play music through qlay. However, the qlay function experience is also poor, and sometimes the next song is not automatically played after one song. In addition, local music can be played through SONOS APO, sometimes jumping to the next song, sometimes stopping! Use this s and press the sample clamping key to start moving the clamping length, i.e. repeat steps ② - ⑤ until the set number of times is completed. At this time, the number of times is displayed as zero. Onos audio suggests that an apple is the best! Or wait for double 11 to start playbase

2. The goods arrived quickly. They arrived in Beijing the next day without delaying her husband's birthday. Appearance and material: it is very textured. It immediately feels like a home theater. Sound effect: equipped with two one SLS, it can fully meet the needs of home use and will not disturb the neighbors. You can continue to add other paired sound systems later

3. The sound is thick and suitable for watching TV. After HDMI is connected, a remote controller can control it. It is more convenient than the original optical fiber. The app integrates a wide range of resources. In addition, the licensed goods can also set up a voice assistant. The disadvantage is that HDMI failed, but the TV cabinet can't hold large ones, so this is a trade-off. If you can't set Bravia for Sony TV, you can change the HDMI in the packaging box and turn off the speakers and TV to have a look

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