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What does the paint protective film prevent

film should be applied to cars as well. The film is scratch proof, dirt proof and friction proof, and so are the automobile paint film. What is the scratch and dirt that can be well solved by adding jiayirong tmemi ⑵ 00

in fact, the natural environment we live in is destroying the paint step by step, accelerating the aging of the paint and making the car paint dull and dull... 2 The experimental frequency is 0 ~ 5Hz 0 ~ 5hz


ultraviolet will damage the molecular structure of the color paint. After a long period of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, the paint will gradually separate from the resin, resulting in the fading of the color paint layer


residual water drops on the paint surface, water for car washing, calcium and iron components that are not wiped clean, and the adhesion of clay will make the paint surface uneven and dull

acid rain

sulfides and oxides contained in the air meet with water vapor to form weak acidic raindrops. When these raindrops fall on the car paint, if the car is not washed in time, after the water in the weak acid evaporates slowly, the concentration of residual acidic substances becomes stronger and stronger, which corrodes the car paint

bump damage

during parking, flying firecrackers will smash the car paint out of a small concave. There are two stereoisomers: left-handed La (L – LA) and right-handed La (D – LA); Friction coefficient will be generated when friction is generated in physics during driving. Small flying stones splashed by the wheels will also smash the paint into uneven pits

oil fume, resin, bird droppings

oil fume, resin and other substances are similar to the main components of car paint. They will deteriorate in the air, contain acidity, are easy to adhere, and are easy to dissolve with car paint. They are easy to form free adsorbed dust impurities at high temperature. Most bird droppings contain extremely strong acidic substances, which damage the car paint. Bird droppings do great damage to the car paint

sand dust

sand dust contains a large number of small stone particles, which are attached to the paint surface. When scrubbing, the sliding particles will rub the paint and cause scratches

not only will various factors in the natural environment corrode and damage the car paint over time, but also man-made scraping in life and the impact of small stones on the road during driving have caused great damage to the car paint

frequently spending money on car washing, waxing and crystal plating is not a long-term solution to protect the car paint. Pasting an invisible protective film on the car paint surface can isolate the damage of the natural environment to the car paint and safely protect the car paint for several years

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