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many of the current integrated wall products are bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall products. There are many products with different brands and prices on the market, which dazzle consumers. Here is to share: the way to identify the quality of bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall is mainly through looking, smelling, asking and cutting

look: look at the color, thickness and structure. The common color of high-quality boards before the peritoneum is beige, which is inclined to the color of bamboo and wood. There are no black spots or particles at the incision. If the color is dark or has spots, it may be made from recycled materials, or the formula has problems, which is not environmentally friendly and not resistant to use. If the color is white, there is too much calcium powder and the toughness of the plate is not enough. In addition, it also depends on the thickness and structure. The thickness is generally 10mm. The version structure adopts grooves combined with sound insulation holes, and has co extruded edges. When splicing, it presents V-shaped grooves

smell: bamboo and wood fibers of good quality are integrated into the wall, close to the nose, and there is a faint smell of bamboo and wood. When using fire, there is no open fire, and there is also a faint smell of bamboo and tree branches. Those who can obviously smell the stench of PVC are inferior plates

ask: can the other company provide relevant official documents such as patent certificate, production license, product quality inspection certificate? Are these certificates issued by state authorities? At the same time, the other party shall indicate in writing the after-sales warranty method, after-sales duration, after-sales scope and other contents in the contract

cutting: take a plate with the same area. If it is particularly light, it is recycling

in fact, the board is seriously foamed, and the most important thing is that too much calcium powder is added, which has nothing to do with whether the integrated wall is recycled. Take a 3-meter-long plate and try to bend it. If it can form a circle at 360 degrees, it means that the toughness and quality meet the standard, and the inferior plate will be too brittle and broken. In addition, see whether the plate device in the exhibition hall can be angled by 90 degrees. High quality plates can be angled at 90 degrees, and poor quality plates will crack at 90 degrees

in fact, there is no completely fixed price for the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall, and its price is affected by different factors. Here is a specific introduction to the influencing factors:

1. Selection of substrate: the substrate is mainly made of bamboo powder, wood powder and light calcium powder pressed at high temperature. The cost of new bamboo powder and wood powder is high, and the cost of recycled materials is low; If calcium powder is added too much, the plate looks high in mass density, but it will be brittle

2. Selection of film covering: the surface layer of film covering is divided into 8 wires, 10 wires, 12 wires, 14 wires, 16 wires and 18 wires; The higher the level is, the better the film quality is, and the higher the fidelity is

3. Choice of wall glue: the viscosity of the glue will be very important, some of which are completely invisible, some of which are of poor quality in the factory, and the film will fall off directly

the above is the knowledge about the factors that affect the price of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall. I believe you must have a lot of gains. I hope the above content can help you better use bamboo wood fiber integrated wall

bamboo wood fiber integrated wall is a very popular wall decoration product in recent years. It is a fast, convenient and healthy solution mainly aimed at the disadvantages of home decoration pollution and cumbersome processes. I hope the above methods are helpful to you when shopping

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