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When the owner comes to the decoration company before decoration, he needs to know a lot: about project quality (there are many negative reports), about decoration materials (the problem of environmental protection has attracted more and more attention of consumers), about design, about after-sales service, about complaints, about home decoration contracts, and so on. When it comes to a company, there are still some strengths and weaknesses. The suggestion for these problems is to try not to rush to sign a contract before you know it well

in addition to the problems mentioned above, we should also remind the owners who are going to decorate their homes that if the negotiators of this decoration company are frequently changed in the negotiation process, they should understand the reason clearly. If it is because of personnel mobility, they should be more cautious in signing the contract

1. Look at the terms and sign the contract

as for the home decoration contract, the contract texts of various companies are similar at present. The first thing the owner should do is to verify the name, registered address, business license, qualification certificate and other archives of the decoration company, so as to prevent some fake companies and guerrillas from signing contracts with customers in the name of regular companies and cheating consumers

in addition, it is also necessary to clarify the project content and materials, mainly including: construction items, dimensions, material description (including material model, grade and brand), specific construction technology and process, and attach the corresponding price

2. At present, many projects are carried out by the way that decoration companies provide auxiliary materials and workers and owners provide some main materials. In this way, the variety, specification, quantity, supply time, supply location and other items of the materials supplied by both parties must be specified in the contract

the material acceptance shall be signed by both parties, and the material acceptance form should clearly mark the variety, specification, level, quantity and other relevant contents of the material. In addition, the accepted materials shall be consistent with the materials provided by both parties in the contract

3. Construction drawings

the construction drawings required for a home decoration project include plan, perspective, elevation and construction drawings, and some also need computer renderings. Therefore, the owner had better ask the decoration company to show detailed dimensions and material marks on the construction drawings, and distinguish the design responsibilities

it is best to be clear about the increase and decrease of engineering projects: if there is an adjustment of the project during the construction process, the engineering change order must be signed. The agreement reached orally should not prevail, and the written change contract should be signed in time; Sign the change contract and pass the market verification in time to avoid disputes in the future

4. Reward and punishment clauses

in the process of home decoration, the construction delay or project quality problems caused by various reasons must be reflected in the contract, such as the responsibility and disposal methods of the defaulting party; Warranty period and scope (generally, the free warranty period is one year, and the maintenance is responsible for life). After the completion and acceptance of the project, both parties shall sign the project settlement sheet and the project warranty sheet

5. Payment time

among them, Party A and Party B should have clear regulations on the extent of the project, the effect, and when to deliver the increased and reduced project funds. During home decoration, the change items, which are commonly referred to as increase and decrease items, are only described in detail on the basis of the original contract. Both parties to the contract jointly negotiate each increase and decrease item, and specify the practice and charging standard of each increase and decrease item in detail, which is valid until both parties confirm and sign together




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