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The new generation of doors and windows with more excellent thermal insulation performance of system doors and windows is very popular. I can't help but wonder about its process flow and how to strive for perfection. Below, as one of the manufacturers of system doors and windows, the mapping lark will take you into the workshop to find out

"green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains"

energy conservation and environmental protection is the general trend and the aspiration of the people

system doors and windows

as a channel to communicate the indoor and outdoor environment, aluminum alloy doors and windows play a key role in energy conservation and environmental protection, and a new generation of doors and windows with more excellent thermal insulation performance - system doors and windows are favored, becoming the direction of the future development of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and accelerating their popularization in 2018, with deep precipitation in some industries, Aluminum alloy door and window enterprises with strong technical strength have taken the lead in the field of system doors and windows

the past July was a bumper month for lark doors and windows. Its high-end system doors and windows products made a high-profile debut at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. With a series of leading processing technologies, unique structural design and excellent quality, they attracted the attention of merchants all over the country

system doors and windows, this is a product full of prospects and great market demand potential. Smart merchants have long smelled out business opportunities, actively joined in the exhibition and placed orders directly. Even if the exhibition is closed, subsequent orders continue to fly in

entering the workshop of lark doors and windows, there was a busy scene, with window sashes and frames piled up everywhere. Some were semi-finished products being processed, and some were packaged for delivery

explore the mapping of lark seamless welding workshop ↓↓

preparation before welding:

imported welding machine welding

fine grinding of welds

high precision grinding of the surface of the weld, grinding off the welding slag, etc., and there is no gap

full welding of mullion in window frame

full welding of window sash

full welding of corner formation around window sash

the whole is fully welded, including the leather strip

in addition, the leather strip and sealing strip are fully welded with special equipment and technology to prevent cracks and leakage. In short, the whole window is fully welded

seamless welding is a distinctive feature of high-end system doors and windows. If you want to have a good sealing effect, you must go through a seamless welding process. The whole window of lark in the drawing is fully welded, and the window sash, window frame, middle stile, even the leather strip and sealing strip are fully welded. The aluminum alloy section is precisely polished and the whole frame is sprayed to form an integrated door and window structure with high strength, flat appearance, no gap, beauty, practicality and good sealing

after many modern processes, a masterpiece came into being


blindly focus on low-end products, with many brands, price competition, large investment and low income. Only by taking the high-end road and operating innovative products can they stand out, overtaking in corners, manufacturers should do this, and merchants should do this even more

watch the following video more clearly ↓↓




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