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The decoration of the house Feng Shui Daquan house calligraphy and painting must hang some paintings with auspicious meanings. Don't pay attention to personality. I'm an artist. I just know art and hang some gloomy and terrifying paintings. Or they are not paintings with auspicious meanings. This suggests that western oil paintings should not be hung as much as possible. If you want to hang them, just hang some landscape paintings, and try to give priority to the auspicious meanings of the East. At the same time, don't casually hang the calligraphy and paintings of some religious figures</p>
<p>6. House furnishings of unknown origin Feng Shui</p>
<p>some people love to collect, or go out to travel and buy some souvenirs. Of course, everyone's life is better, and their quality of life is also improved. They like those strange, old, something with historical precipitation, and even ancient knowledge. I think it's better not to put these things of unknown origin at home. There are also some ancient understandings that were originally dug out of the tomb of the dead, and some will be particularly vicious. In particular, people who travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand should try not to buy some strange and ancient things that they can't understand, because the people there have something to do with the next bug. In case something happens to be sealed in this historical art you buy, you will be in bad luck</p>
<p>7. House plastic flowers or silk flowers decoration Feng Shui</p>
<p>plastic flowers and silk flowers should not be placed too much, just a bunch. There is no need to put them in every room. Some old people like to make silk flowers by themselves to cultivate their feelings. It is suggested to give the extra silk flowers to friends, which will also enhance friendship. Putting more plastic flowers and silk flowers at home may make the old husband and wife quarrel over wild peach flowers, cause misunderstanding and make people sad</p>
<p>home decoration and Feng Shui science pay attention to</p>
<p>first, the door to the stove</p>
<p>the stove is the place where the family lights a fire and eats. Clothes and food belong to the category of

but today at home. Just pay attention that the door is not directly flushing the stove. If you can see the stove standing outside the gate, it will cause financial problems. If you can't see it, just the kitchen door facing the stove, don't worry. Lest you think you are evil everywhere

second, hang it wrong to ward off evil

Longquan sword is a good thing to ward off evil, but it can only be placed in the study, never in two places: the bedroom and the living room. Bagua mirror can't be placed disorderly. If you want to turn evil spirits, you must choose convex mirror, that is, the mirror is bulging; If there happens to be a bank opposite your house, if you want to absorb its wealth, you can put a concave gossip mirror to absorb it

third, the fire is higher than the height of the window

some people say that it's not good to rely on the window behind the stove, that is, people face the window to cook, but at present, many families will face the window to cook, which will happen in families with exhaust fans. In fact, as long as the height of the stove does not exceed the height of the window. If the fire exceeds the height of the window, it will be easily blown out by the wind. As mentioned above, it will naturally affect wealth. Even if it blows flickeringly. So the height of the stove should be lower than the height of the windowsill, but don't worry about facing the window

fourth, the refrigerator should not be opposite to the stove, and the sink should not be opposite to the stove as far as possible

if your bedroom is next to the kitchen, be careful not to face the stove with your head and feet. If you can't adjust it, you can face the stove in the bedroom and hang a compass on the wall. The height of someone sleeping on the bed or the height of the stove. It is equivalent to that the compass is buckled on the wall, that is to say, the surface of the compass should face the stove

v. bucuo landscape

when you want to hang a large landscape painting at home, you must pay attention to the content of the picture. Most landscape paintings have waterfalls. There must be a pool under the water called cuncai, or the waterfall will wash away your family's wealth. It's better not to hang it. If it's a painting of a boat in the river, remember that the bow must be inward, and outward is also a drain of wealth

VI. bamboo enclosure

if there is a lean behind the bamboo enclosure, there are hugs on the left and right, but the front cannot be enclosed, and the door and road cannot be covered. The front must face out. Therefore, the tree should not cover the gate and the direction of the gate, which is also called dingxinsha

VII. Trees are generally best planted on the left side of the house, that is, Qinglong Fang

tree roots are not allowed to enter the house, easy to attract Yin, branches are not allowed to enter the window, easy to get sick, windows are eyes, branches are inserted in the window, if inserted in the eye, easy to get eye diseases, don't be too close to the house, don't be too much, easy to breathe house gas Generally, don't plant big trees that are too tall Block out the sun

what are the Feng Shui taboos in house decoration

household mirror Feng Shui taboos

2. Mirror the door: the mirror can't face the door of the room, because the mirror has a mirror God, and each door also has a door god, so if the mirror faces the door, it will scare away the door God who normally protects us, and make the room easy to get stuck

3. Mirror the bed: people are the most relaxed and unsuspecting when they sleep, so if they get up in the middle of the night and are scared by themselves in the mirror, they will hurt the original God. In addition, looking at the bed in the mirror is also easy for couples to turn their faces frequently, contributing to the possibility that the other half often has an affair

home decoration painting Feng Shui furnishings

it is suggested that western oil paintings should not be hung as much as possible. If you want to hang them, just hang some landscape paintings, and try to give priority to the auspicious implication of the East. More or less, they will hang some calligraphy and paintings on the wall and decorate it, which is of course very good. But this is very particular. Be sure to hang some pictures with auspicious meanings, not personality

furniture Feng Shui furnishings

if the room is large, you can set more furniture. If the room is small, you should try to set less furniture; If the light of the house is good, you can set more furniture. If the light of the house is dark, you should set less furniture. And the color of the furniture should not be a pile of dark red, red, bloody, so terrible. It is mainly neutral and slightly warm, and don't put some bizarre furniture. The shape is better to be square and round

home aquarium Feng Shui furnishings

most people who raise fish at home think they can make money, but not many people really think they are beautiful, especially those who raise some Feng Shui fish. Fish farming is good, but it is also conditional. Not everyone can raise fish. If the light is bad or the space is too small, it is recommended not to raise fish. This is easy to breed Yin Qi, because the water Lord's damp and cold Qi will not only not make money, but also get sick, lose money, and everything goes wrong. If the space is large and the light is good, there is no problem at all. As long as you don't keep it in the kitchen or rush it to the stove

home kitchen Feng Shui furnishings

the furnishings in the kitchen, such as stove, dishwashing basin, dish frame, etc., should be placed in the correct position. The stove should not be sprayed by the faucet, so it is easy to catch dysentery and gastrointestinal diseases. If the dishwashing basin and the stove are in a straight line, water and fire are incompatible, which will affect the relationship and health of husband and wife. If the stove is placed in a square shape (L shape) with the faucet, you can avoid water and fire shooting (fortune telling)

antiques and so on. Try not to put things with unknown origins. It is best not to put them at home. Some ancient understandings were originally dug out of the tomb of the dead, and some will be particularly vicious. In particular, people who travel to Southeast Asia should try not to buy some strange and ancient things that they can't understand, because people there will be unlucky if they happen to seal something because of the next bug

how to make a bed at home

the bedroom is a place to rest. It is the most important part of home feng shui, so making a bed is the top priority. Then the principle of setting up the bed is to be quiet, sunny, don't rush the door, don't turn your back to the bathroom, don't look at the mirror, and don't set strange lights directly above the bed. The bed is used as a place to rest. If the bed is left empty, it will lack a sense of security and feel uncomfortable. The so-called "leave blank" means that there is no mountain back or backer. When we are asleep or making roses, our bodies will unconsciously move around, and our heads may get out of the scope of the bed and be injured

Feng Shui at the door of the house

external taboo of Feng Shui at the door of rural residence

Feng Shui at the door of rural residence





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