Key points of mid-term acceptance of Decoration En

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In addition to identifying the overall effect of decoration, the mid-term acceptance of decoration projects mainly depends on whether the manual quality of decoration is satisfactory. The acceptance of decoration can be identified from the following aspects:

1. The laying of lighting circuits should comply with the regulations, sockets, lamp switches, master switches, leakage switches, etc. should have a certain height, kitchens and air conditioners should be laid by special lines, and TV antennas and telephone special lines should be installed at positions convenient for maintenance

2. After decoration, the drainage should be smooth, without leakage, backflow and ponding, and high-end water parts should be free of clamp marks and scratches

3. The newly built wall should be vertical, the horizontal plane of the brick body should be consistent, the joints should be uniform and neat, the brick joints should not exceed 1mm, and the overall error of the ceramic tile should not exceed 0.8cm

4. After decoration, the overall production error of Plane Ceiling shall not exceed 0.5, and the gap between plates shall not exceed 0.3mm; The error of plastic ceiling shall not exceed 0.5mm

5. After decoration, the seam of wood sealing line, corner line and waist line decorative panel shall not exceed 0.2mm, the seam of line and line clip shall not exceed 0.3mm, the seam of decorative panel and plate shall not exceed 0.2mm, and the overall error of sliding door shall not exceed 0.3mm

6. After decoration, the paint should be smooth and feel good, without sweep marks and cracks, and no color difference and nail holes within one meter

7. After decoration, the wall surface is flat and straight, and there is no obvious bulge and color difference within one meter. It is used for touching and wiping without throwing ash

8. The quality of decoration construction is related to the quality of decoration construction team and the unit price of decoration construction project. The best way is to sign a decoration contract between the two parties before construction, and clarify the decoration requirements and acceptance standards




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