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Some people say that decoration is like making a movie, which is also a regrettable art. It is true. Recently, some friends who are decorating lament that the decoration is not satisfactory, ranging from "the effect is not as good as originally thought" to "many defects and regrettable" in oneortwo decorations at home. What's more, they think that "there are a lot of failures, and they really want to reinstall it again"... They originally planned to be different and perfect, but in the end, they will always end up in trouble and full of

some people say that decoration is like making a movie, which is also a regrettable art. It is true. Recently, some friends who are decorating lament that the decoration is not satisfactory, ranging from "the effect is not as good as originally thought" to "many defects and regrettable" in oneortwo decoration at home, and even think that "there are many failures, and I really want to reinstall it again"... Originally intending to be different and perfect, they always end up in trouble and full of "dissatisfaction"

these dissatisfaction may be the failure to grasp the decoration style and a little wrong color matching; There may also be decoration problems. There are few switches left on the wall...

since it is difficult to find a perfect decoration case, how can we avoid regret afterwards? In the decoration process, where are these regrets easy to leave, and what can be avoided? We have collected some "decoration blood and tears history" of "decoration predecessors", and listed some typical decoration regrets and lessons for you, so that others' experience can become your experience, and others' lessons can no longer teach you

style of decoration regret

color error is more likely to produce style regret

color error is more likely to produce style regret

the exaggerated top surface is actually not suitable for a small bedroom, so you can try to choose pure color curtains and fresh wall paint

Liang Yue, who has just finished decoration for less than half a year, recently fell into a process of constantly denying himself. The main reason is decoration. People often say "decorate, decorate and repair", the reason is that sometimes we don't think very carefully before decoration, and there are some small regrets after decoration. For example: forget to set a socket under the kitchen cabinet, the faucet of the cabinet sink is too high, and water will splash everywhere every time you use it; The floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are light in color, which makes it inconvenient to clean...

there are really many people like Liang Yue. If you search casually on the decoration Forum, you can find that there are many "predecessors" who have "a bloody history of decoration regret". It seems that everyone is complaining about the negligence and regret in the decoration. However, many people have the same idea as Liang Yue. Although everyone has one small regret or another, what can it be? I can only make do with it. In the online survey jointly conducted by this newspaper and Sina Leju, nearly 70% of the 39504 people believed that the decoration regret was irreparable and could only make do with it

among the regrets caused by style, the survey shows that 44.6% of the respondents are not satisfied with the use of their own colors, and more than 30% are not satisfied with the interpretation of style

Che Yanchong, the chief designer of Dongyirisheng, analyzed that with people's personalized needs, the use of colors is becoming bolder and bolder. Although it has passed the stage of one color per room, many people still like to use some colors with strong conflicts, which may be better at that time, but after impulse, they will find that strong colors appear in front of them every day, which will cause visual fatigue and mental depression over time, Naturally, there will be regrets. In addition, the interpretation of style is that many people have decoration problems with the same style. For example, for a period of time, when it is popular in rural areas, many people pretend to be rural, and many people blindly follow the trend when decorating, and they don't know which style is more suitable for them. In addition, in the interpretation of style, many people will be aimless, one hammer in the East and one stick in the west, and finally become "four unlike", so they have to be labeled with the explanation of "mix and match"

can the style regret in decoration be made up for? Some designers told reporters that as long as some appropriate remedial measures are taken according to specific problems, they can still "make up for the lost". The designer of Boloni decoration told reporters that regrets and omissions in decoration can be covered up by some means. For example, if the color of the wall is too fancy, when choosing furniture and accessories, we must choose solid color to make up for the messy color

unreasonable decoration

in the face of the problem of too thick color, you can use decorative techniques such as mirrors to make up for it. Through the reflection effect of mirrors, the space is no longer depressed

■ style regret

[regret 1] style mismatch

style mismatch mainly focuses on the understanding of style. Some people may prefer a style, but do not abandon another element, resulting in inaccurate interpretation of style, forming a consequence of four dissimilarities. In particular, the different style elements of the two eras have played a conflict effect

regretful reasons:

the reason for the style mismatch lies in the owner's understanding of the style and the designer's grasp, there will be some decorative techniques of adding superfluous details, and some people will add all their love to a space, and they don't know the choice, so it will also lead to some contradictions and conflicts


we must know the trade-offs. In the interpretation of style, it's not just full, nor is it necessary to concentrate all the elements, take away some superfluous decorations, and leave some space for home appropriately. The interpretation of style may be more in place

[regret 2] the color matching is unreasonable

for a while, many people liked to paint the rooms in their homes in color, even one color for each house, which was a very chaotic practice. In a limited space, the color matching should be reasonable, not just considering personality. And the combination of too many colors is likely to lead to the lack of focus of vision, making the space messy

reasons for regret:

the choice and use of color actually has a lot of knowledge, especially in home space, which is a space that must be faced every day. People live in it for a long time. If they don't use color properly, it is easy to affect their mood. For many classic designs, some simple colors are easier to retain, which is one of the reasons why masters like white best


if there are many colors at home, you can appropriately use solid color wallpaper to make some shelter, which can be directly pasted on the wall, which is relatively simple. In addition, some colored paintings can be used to divert attention and make the conflict less intense. The most important thing is to make the color of furniture and ornaments in the space more harmonious, and it will be eased with the original color matching

[regret 3] the decoration is unreasonable

some people ignore the space's own conditions in order to make the style more obvious in the decoration process, and find the problem after the decoration. For example, in order to highlight the effect, I found that the space after the ceiling was very depressed. Because the floor height was not enough, it was not suitable for the ceiling at all

reasons for regret:

many decorations are decorated for decoration, which is a big taboo in decoration. In the process of decoration, you must figure out what you want. After all, the living function is the first. Many decorations will play a visual effect, but will sacrifice the use function


for example, if the interior space becomes shorter due to decoration, bright curtains can be hung between the ceiling and the ground. In fact, in a room with a low ceiling, the correct way is to hang floor curtains from the ceiling to the ground. However, if the color of the curtain is too dark, it will produce a heavy feeling, making the room appear very narrow; If the color is too bright, it will make people feel oppressive. The key is to choose a curtain with the same color as the wall, which is soft and bright




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