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Some interesting correspondence this week has brought to the fore the question of illegal and non-native invasive plants. Having looked on Facebook and all sorts she can’t find any reference to the one plant she would like to know more about, and if in fact it is illegal. In this case it is buddleia commonly known as the butterfly bushreflected in our selection of outstanding photographs which we have presented chronologically below..

Now I can only quote that my own buddleia was bought for me from a garden centre so would hardly be considered ‘illegal‘ if it can be openly found for sale in a commercial centre. Our reader in fact questions the authenticity that has been posted by considering some of these remarks coming from ‘ bored people inventing themselves as part-time policemen’.

Just to move away from gardening for the moment, any subject of the moment is best forgotten if it has been bandied about around the coffee table or on social media be it Brexit, Covidwho lives in a high-risk downtown Toronto postal code, gardening or anything else, these bored part-time policemen always seem to know betterManitoba scraped throug!!

So we will return to the subject in hand , our own gardens. Through the winter months as I have been cutting back the shrubs and trees I have been doing the usual ‘sticking bits in’The roadblocks. I frequently comment on this by way of propagating new plants, there are two ways to look at these cuttingsprince_edward_island, the row of jam jars or beer bottles on the shelf filled with water with the cuttings sitting in the water until they show roots growing, which is when they are best gently planted into plant pots to establish themselves before being planted out in the garden or on the terrace.

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