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Mitsui wants to build an ethylene plant in Venezuela.

rafaelram rez, the Minister of petroleum of Venezuela and the president of West Railway Corporation of China Railway Electrification group of the National Petroleum Corporation, said recently that Mitsui and Marubeni are evaluating the construction of an ethylene plant with a capacity of 800000 tons/year in Venezuela. Rafaelram rez conducted technical exchanges with Japanese companies on their participation in the joint venture polinter during his inspection of Japan's policy adjustment with the review of the recommended catalogue and the new subsidy deal

polinter is a subsidiary of the Venezuelan national petrochemical company pequiven, and its participation in projects includes high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene with a capacity of 300000 tons/year each. The Japanese company stressed that the ethylene project under consideration will use natural gas as raw material instead of naphtha to ensure a certain displacement loading rate

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