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Mitsubishi Liyang will expand its carbon fiber production in the United States. Mitsubishi Liyang carbon fiber and composite company, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Liyang, recently announced that it will expand its carbon fiber production in Sacramento, California, the United States. As an important part of an emerging industry, the new material industry will also be included in the 1035 national strategic emerging industry development plan, and will expand the carbon fiber production capacity of the base from 2000 tons/year to 4000 tons/year, The capacity expansion is expected to be completed in the middle of 2016

Mitsubishi Liyang company said that the annual average growth rate of global carbon fiber demand is more than 20%, especially renewable energy and vehicle lightweight solutions to improve fuel efficiency are promoting the rapid growth of carbon fiber applications. In industrial applications, carbon fiber composite pressure vessels are widely used in compressed natural gas storage tanks and large compressed natural gas transportation containers. More and more large buses and trucks also tend to use compressed natural gas fuel. In addition, fuel storage tanks and hydrogen storage tanks of fuel cell vehicles equipped with high-pressure hydrogen in May this year also use carbon fiber. Therefore, by 2020, more carbon fiber materials will be needed in the field of clean energy production and consumption

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