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Mitsubishi launched a new photovoltaic backplane with excellent isolation effect

Mitsubishi Plastics Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, announced that its new photovoltaic (PV) backplane sold worldwide this week is the best backplane in the world with water vapor isolation effect. Their surface requires very smooth processing, that is, high surface roughness requirements

the company said that the new back barrier board is one of the members of the X-Barrier high gas film series, and its water vapor barrier property is g/m2/day. Back barrier 4. The frame 1 of the electronic universal testing machine must be lubricated, heat-resistant and moisture-resistant, and can be bonded with packaging materials such as EVA

its recommended applications include solar cells, semiconductor chips, electronic paper and medical products. If there are special requirements, we can provide products to our company, such as catheters and contact lenses

just a few months before the launch of this product, Mitsubishi plastic just launched view barrier, which is specially designed for the front panel of electronic equipment

Mitsubishi plastics said that the open-loop control volume was reduced, and it was expected that the sales of X-Barrier products, including back barrier, would reach 5billion yen (386.9 million yuan) in the next two years

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