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Introduction to sterile packaging equipment and domestic development prospects

sterile packaging can be described as a landmark invention in the packaging industry. The application of aseptic packaging can not only meet the requirements of food and Beverage Safety and health, but also maintain high nutrition and good taste of food, which can achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone. Judging from the current situation, there is still much room for the development of sterile packaging in China, especially in the dairy industry, and domestic sterile equipment needs to be developed urgently

with the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, people's living habits and dietary structure are gradually changing: the pursuit of natural green food has become a fashion

first, the rise of aseptic packaging technology

How can natural fruit juice and milk be sent to people's hands from remote mountains and grasslands, so as to retain its high nutrition and good flavor without adding any preservatives, so as to ensure that human health is not damaged? In the past, due to the limitation of technical conditions, people used canning technology to process and preserve food, that is, pasteurization and secondary sterilization were used to heat the fruit juice to 80-90 ℃, put it into cans, seal it, and then cook for about 30 minutes. Although it can eliminate fire bacteria, the flavor and nutrition of fruit juice will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to study a new technology: using ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, the heating (sterilization) time is short (a few seconds or more): then quickly cool down, and the packaged products do not need to be sterilized again, avoiding the loss of nutrients and flavor, and can be preserved at room temperature, which is aseptic packaging technology

this technology includes two keys: packaging materials and packaging equipment. The rapid development of science and technology has made these technologies mature. Fruit and vegetable juice products with aseptic packaging do not need to be refrigerated and have a long shelf life. In addition, aseptic packaging can effectively block the penetration of external air, moisture and light, so as to ensure that the quality of packaged products is almost free from external influence under non refrigerated conditions, and can maintain the original taste of products

aseptic packaging mainly has several forms: aseptic paper packaging: including roof bags and brick bags, aseptic cup packaging, aseptic bag packaging and bottling

II. All kinds of sterilizers

1. Scraper sterilizer

scraper sterilizer is mainly composed of scraper heat exchanger, stepless transmission pump, retainer, bucket, material bucket, sterile water device and control cabinet. The two-stage scraper type heat exchanger is used for heating and the four-stage is used for cooling. The equipment has high heat exchange efficiency, short heating time and no coking of materials. It is an ideal equipment for processing fluid and semi fluid food with poor fluidity, such as ketchup

2. Casing sterilizer

casing sterilizer is improved on the basis of scraper sterilizer. Using casing heat exchanger instead of scraper heat exchanger simplifies the structure, reduces the cost and energy consumption, and is suitable for the sterilization and cooling of fruit and vegetable juice and pulp with good fluidity, such as mango juice and concentrated apple juice

3. Combined sterilizer

the heating unit of the sterilizer adopts a scraper heater, and the cooling unit adopts a casing cooler. It has the characteristics of both scraper and casing sterilizers, and is suitable for the production of raw juice, thick paste and raw sauce (except high concentration sauce with poor fluidity) of all kinds of fruits and vegetables

in terms of aseptic filling production, the requirements for the design and production of sterilizers are extremely high. Sterility assurance comes first. Its production process is divided into three steps, namely cleaning, equipment sterilization and product sterilization and cooling. Equipment sterilization is to kill all bacteria in the cooling pipe of the equipment with 122 ℃ hot water, and the process lasts for 30 minutes. In the sterilization process, the temperature of cooling inlet must not be lower than the critical temperature. Once this happens (the sterility of the pipeline will be destroyed), it must be shut down immediately, otherwise, serious quality accidents such as bag inflation will occur in future products

the large bag aseptic filling machine is mainly composed of aseptic filling heads (2 or 1), operating system, computer control system, weight measurement and workbench. The production process of the filling machine is similar to that of the sterilization machine. High temperature steam is used for sterilization of the equipment. In the process of product filling, steam, chlorine water and sterile air are used to ensure that the sterile environment of the filling room and material pipeline will not be damaged

the whole filling process is automatic, the control system adopts programmable controller, the actuator is solenoid valve, cylinder and manipulator, and the filling weight is controlled by electromagnetic flowmeter. The temperature control adopts PID technology to automatically adjust the temperature of the filling room. In the design of machine modeling and filling head, it has absorbed the advantages of equipment in the United States, Italy and other countries, and designed a variety of models, so that users have a greater choice

III. Market Prospect of aseptic packaging in China

aseptic large packaging is mainly oriented to the raw material market, so please consider the availability, storage and transportation of self identification before the storage of fruits and vegetables from raw material origin begins the experiment; The small packaging is for the majority of consumers, and its equipment production technology is similar to that of large packaging, but the packaging machine adds processes such as packaging material sterilization and paper synthesis. In order to gain a foothold and develop in the market, China's packaging enterprises have to work hard in terms of quality and reliability to achieve "horizontal width and vertical depth". Enterprises should develop in the direction of marketing and sales, dare to contract engineering projects, do turnkey projects, and cooperate with relevant enterprises to seize opportunities and seize the market. In terms of technology, they should have depth, give full play to the advantages of enterprises, and strive for excellence instead of everything, Truly achieve impeccable equipment performance and quality

According to rough statistics, there are about 300 sets of sterile packaging equipment in China, with an annual production capacity of more than 1.5 million tons. Aseptic packaging accounts for a small proportion in food packaging. Compared with the international proportion of aseptic packaging in liquid food, large packaging exceeds 80% and small packaging exceeds 50%. There is still a lot of room for the development of aseptic packaging in China. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for milk, fruit juice and fruit juice drinks is bound to increase greatly; At the same time, food manufacturers also have the requirements to expand production and update equipment. The continuous emergence of new large, medium and small food enterprises will certainly promote the further development of sterile packaging

"a cup of milk can strengthen a nation." China's per capita milk consumption is far lower than the world average. In recent years, the consumption of milk has gradually increased, and the publicity of healthy milk and student milk is overwhelming: it represents that the domestic dairy market will have significant development. In many products, such as Tetra Pak bags, roof bags and polyester bottles, the packaging cost is high, which is not suitable for the economic situation of common families in China, while small bags of sterile milk are not. Its price is cheaper and the product flavor is good. Moreover, when stored at room temperature, it is difficult for domestic engineering plastics to meet the needs of the domestic market. Manufacturers and shopping malls will also welcome this kind of equipment and products. This product not only overcomes the limitation of production area, but also removes the cold chain required in the transportation process, which is conducive to market expansion

The successful development of aseptic milk equipment marks another major breakthrough in aseptic packaging technology and brings broader prospects for the market and the length of the automotive industry chain. At present, with the intensification of competition, enterprises urgently need to improve product quality and product performance, and gradually break the situation that imported equipment has dominated the high-end market for a long time through development. Like home appliances and computer industry, domestic aseptic packaging technology is bound to step out of the country and go to the world

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