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Mitsubishi image launched a plate making system free of chemical processing and washing

recently, Mitsubishi image announced that it would hold a WPT (worldwide printing Thermographers Association) seminar on July 10, 2009, Processing to thermal paper "The serious disconnection between R & D and utilization has plagued the development of the domestic new material industry. The industry recommends its award-winning product, thermal digiplate, a plate making system without chemical treatment and washing.

thermal digiplate is a complete computer direct plate making system, which adopts the latest plate materials and plate making technology. As the developer of this system, Mitsubishi image has rich experience in polyester based and paper-based CTP plates, as well as thermal sensitivity Paper is also a leading enterprise in the field. Mitsubishi's thermal digiplate adopts the patented thermal ablation technology, which can produce high contrast images on the printing plate. After the plate making is completed, there is no need to increase the intensity of energy conservation and emission reduction for chemical treatment, washing or other treatment. Because there is absolutely no need to use any chemicals, toner or ink tape, this system is very simple to operate and low maintenance cost. In addition to the plate itself, this system will not produce any waste, and the sharing of resources is very environmentally friendly

thermal digiplate's plate is a paper base plate with 120lpi of stitching. The plate making machine used in the system is tdp-459 plate making machine. The most suitable setting speed is large. The plate making speed is 60 sheet hours, and the maximum output format is 18.1in 20.7in. For enterprises engaged in thermal recording paper processing, this is a very good choice. It not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also has high plate making efficiency. It can produce monochrome or spot color plates

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