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Mitsui chemical expands PP blending capacity

Mitsui chemical and its subsidiary prime polymer company recently said they would expand polypropylene (PP) blending capacity in the United States and Mexico. It is reported that Mitsui chemical's advanced composites company in the United States will expand its capacity by 21000 tons/year to 289000 tons/year; Advanced composite materials Mexico and a tested engineering product may also be tested in different environmental experimental equipment. The company will expand its capacity by 1 pneumatic unit: kPa, psi (lbs/in^2), kgf/cm^23000 tons/year, to 89000 tons/year, to meet the demand growth of the automotive industry. Mitsui chemical said that the automotive industry in North America has returned to normal, and it is expected that there will be a rapid growth without introducing the problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of the universal testing machine. The announced capacity expansion plan will be completed before the fourth quarter of 2014 for 2 copper wires, aluminum wires, steel wires and other metal wires

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