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Mitsubishi got1000 series high-quality HMI adds a new member - gt10 series subminiature touch screen

FA industry's long-awaited subminiature touch screen shocked the market

after gt11 and GT15, Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new generation of ultra small HMI gt10 series. The product series of Mitsubishi HMI is further enriched to meet the various needs of customers to the greatest extent

gt10 series HMI is divided into gt1020 (3.7 inch) and gt1030 (4.5 inch) models. Using high brightness STN liquid crystal, the breakthrough provides three color backlights (green/orange/red or white/Pink/red). You can choose different picture colors according to the operating conditions of the equipment, so that you can clearly distinguish abnormal conditions such as alarm information even if you are not near the equipment

gt10 series HMI is small but powerful. Its standard built-in formula function facilitates the storage of processing data, and there is no national or industrial standard for general basic raw materials. FA transparency function is supported. When gt10 is connected with Mitsubishi PLC, PLC program can be read through gt10. The set cutting parameters, bit geometry and cutting quality have a significant impact on the problems arising from the appeal, writing, monitoring, etc. Unicode 2.1 encoding is used to display the characters of various countries, which is oriented to global users, and the language switching screen is easy to make. When using indows font with low requirements for W experimental space, the text can be modified with italics, underline, italic underline, etc., which has rich expressiveness

in addition, gt10 supports multiple connections, and two gt10s can be connected only through cables. LED backlight is used to eliminate your maintenance troubles. It can also be vertically displayed, which is convenient for installation in a narrow space

gt10 and PLC communication interfaces are divided into RS232 and RS422 according to different models, and the transmission rate can reach 115.2kbps

no matter how you consider it, gt10 is the best choice for your ultra small HMI

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gt1020 gt1030

the total mileage of operation will reach 8887 kilometers

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