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Introduction to electric rock drill

introduction to electric rock drill

it has a hammering mechanism that can produce large impact energy and a continuous or gap rotating rotary drill mechanism. It is an electric tool for drilling blast holes in stonework construction

ydt31 multi-function electric rock drill

ydt31 multi-function electric rock drill is one of the series products developed on the basis of ydt31a new type electric rock drill. In addition to the advantages of the above models, the unit also has the characteristics of multi-purpose, pollution-free, energy saving, convenient operation, loading and unloading, safety and reliability. The complete machine group is composed of electric rock drill, slide way, lifting rod, triangular balance frame, supporting rod and multi-functional electric control box. The disassembled parts can reach any designated operation place by holding the shoulder bar, and the assembly can be completed in a very short time (20 minutes). The drill rod can be vertical to the ground when digging mountains, digging and drilling tunnels. Drill parallel to the ground at a height of about four meters, or close to the ground. If only one person presses the key away from the site, it can rotate 360 °. In addition, it is disassembled and assembled into a hand-held rock drill, whose performance and technical parameters are the same as those of ydt31a new electric rock drill

ydtj1 mobile rock drill

ydtj1 mobile rock drill is one of the series products developed on the basis of ydt31 new type electric rock drill. The vehicle is equipped with a generator and a water tank, which can be driven mechanically to operate in the field or in areas without electricity. Uncover the road, Vertical downward construction or water "It's just that you can't 'eat dry and squeeze out' to drill rock blast holes horizontally forward. The operator can operate in the cab or operate through a hand-held switch, and only one person can complete the construction work. In case of high mountains, steep slopes or complex terrain, the locomotive can't reach the designated place. Just extend the wires and water pipes on the locomotive, remove the rock drill, and only 1 ~ 2 people can reach the designated place for construction work.

ydt26 electric hydraulic rock drill unit

Ydt26 electric hydraulic rock drill set is one of the series products developed on the basis of ydt31 electric rock drill. The drilling speed of the rock drill is twice that of the pneumatic rock drill, and the energy consumption is only 1/2 of that of the pneumatic rock drill. At the same time, there is no need to establish a compressor station, let alone auxiliary pipelines. The sanitary conditions are good, the noise is low, there is no water, gas and oil mist, the structure is compact, the weight is light, and the mobility is flexible, which is conducive to the physical health and safe production of the rock drill workers. The machine is mainly used for mining and geological exploration, roadway excavation, open-pit quarries, and drilling blast holes in stonework projects such as railways, hydropower, ports, dams, municipal engineering capital construction, etc. In particular, horizontal and inclined blast holes are chiseled on medium hard and hard rocks, and φ 30mm~ φ A 50mm drill bit can drill holes with an effective depth of more than 4m. In particular, drilling blast holes under water (50kN, 100kN, 150kn, 200kn, 300KN at 5 points) is incomparable to other models. Unloading drill parts can become a convenient means of transportation. At present, the commonly used rock drills at home and abroad are pneumatic, hydraulic and internal combustion rock drills. It has high energy consumption, low efficiency, complex structure, bulky body, high price, many defects and difficult maintenance. In the half century since the 1940s, people have tried to invent and produce electric rock drills to replace the above three products, but up to now, only Italian PI electric rock drills with P60 and p70 eccentric block structure of NASS company and electromagnetic rock drills that have not been finalized in the former Soviet Union if the microcomputer function is better. But the common ground is that the body is huge, the structure is complex, the price is high, and it is difficult to realize the important task of providing two versions of upgrading. Tongnei has been exploring since the 1960s, but still can't cut off the shackles of wind and Qi. Therefore, the problems of high energy consumption, low efficiency, high price and difficult operation of rock drilling machinery have not been solved for more than half a century

use technology of electric rock drill

1) before using the electric rock drill, the mechanical part should be checked to ensure that there is no looseness or abnormality. The motor should be well insulated and the wiring should be correct and reliable before it can be powered on

2) the friction surface of each transmission mechanism should be fully lubricated and the lubricating oil should be changed regularly

3) before drilling, check the rotation direction of the drill pipe without load, and then connect the drill bit, drill pipe and water pipe to drill the rock. When drilling, the clutch should be installed gently. When all the drill bits enter the rock stratum, tighten the clutch again; When it is necessary to stop drilling due to drilling at a certain depth, loosen the clutch, stop drilling after all the bits exit the hole, and place the clutch in the middle position

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