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Application of Mitsubishi q series process controller (q12phcpu) in cement production line

[project introduction

the system is used in the cement system with a production capacity of 1300~1500 tons/day. Mitsubishi q series process controller (q12phcpu) is used to meet the user's requirements for dealing with a large number of analog quantities and weak PID foundation. It has operated steadily since it was put into operation in 2000.

[system diagram

[system description

the system is divided into central control room and two independent local stations.

each substation is equipped with Ethernet module (qj71e) The upper computer adopts the configuration software of Movicon and collects information through Ethernet. If the expansion length is insufficient

the local station adopts the process control system to replace the original Small DCS system, which has the characteristics of low cost and high reliability of PLC

pid loop uses FBD programming mode, and the system sequence control program is completed by ladder diagram

lcs01 station is the electrical room of raw material mill

process control includes to avoid unsafe accidents: slurry filtration and transportation, waste gas treatment, kiln tail and kiln

the system has more than 400 switching input and output points, so that the electromechanical can rotate at a continuously adjustable speed, with nearly 200 analog points and nearly 50 PID circuits

lcs02 station is a firing electrical room

process control includes: firing kiln head and clinker storage, pulverized coal equipment and coal feeding system

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