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Mitsubishi resin released a functional film with high resistance to water vapor

Mitsubishi resin released a transparent gas barrier film X-Barrier with a water vapor transmittance of g/(M2 d) on June 25. The film is barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases. Materials with heat resistance, high temperature and humidity resistance, weather resistance and bending resistance can be customized according to user requirements. At present, the samples have been evaluated and will be officially launched on July 1. α—— In addition to flexible organic EL displays and organic solar cells, the product is also expected to be used in cutting-edge medical and pharmaceutical packaging materials

the film is made by vacuum evaporation on the surface of the substrate (PET, nylon, etc.) film coated with a thin layer of 10projet MJP 5600 silicon oxide film (SiOx, x 2) with a 64 bit operating system of about nm. By optimizing the film forming conditions of silicon oxide film, a fine film was made. Compared with the original techbarier of the company, the water vapor barrier rate of the new film is increased by 2 ~ 3 orders of magnitude. This figure is among the highest in the world (the company)

applying this product to new generation displays such as organic EL panels, electronic paper and organic solar cells can greatly improve the reliability of components. It can also realize flexible panel. In addition, it can also roll to roll production, significantly reducing costs

the company plans to strive for sales of 5billion yen in three years, including cutting-edge medical and pharmaceutical packaging materials. In addition, the development will continue in the future, and strive to improve the water vapor barrier by 1-2 orders of magnitude in 3 years

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