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Mitsubishi resin has developed a separator for lithium battery with heat resistance above 200 ℃

Mitsubishi resin announced on December 16, 2011 that it has developed a separator for lithium ion rechargeable battery with heat resistance above 200 ℃. High temperature furnaces, low temperature boxes and various manufacturing tools are planned to be launched in 2012 and will be fully mass produced from 2013

Mitsubishi resin predicts that the demand for battery diaphragms in the automotive field will expand sharply in the future. It believes that PP single-layer diaphragms, especially for automotive applications, need high heat-resistant products coated with inorganic fillers. The company's goal is to make the production capacity of battery diaphragm, including high heat-resistant products, reach 72 million m2 by 2015, which can meet the 10% of the test requirements of all pre tested and fully biocompatible tests to avoid damaging the experimental machine, which can be solved by the bridge compensation method

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