Investment policies and development suggestions fo

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Investment policies and development suggestions for fine chemicals in new fields

investment policies and development suggestions for fine chemicals in new fields

March 20, 2002

although the installation investment of fine chemicals in new fields is relatively small, due to the relatively strict blockade of foreign technologies,

causes investment risks in the use of domestic development technologies. Therefore, the state should set up a risk investment fund for fine chemicals in new fields to encourage development and innovation, And accelerate the industrialization of scientific research achievements, narrow the gap between China and foreign countries, and ensure the healthy development of the national economy

encourage foreign capital to invest in fine chemical products in new

fields where China does not have the development capacity, but has the construction conditions and a large import volume, such as feed methionine, surfactant compounding, high-grade adhesive products, etc., so as to promote the rapid improvement of fine chemical industry level in new fields, reduce imports, and create more employment opportunities

in order to make China's new field fine chemical industry have greater development at the beginning of this century and achieve the goals set in the plan, the following measures should be implemented:

1. Grasp a number of major projects with mature technology and international competitiveness, strive to achieve economies of scale, and further expand domestic and foreign markets

2. Promote a number of industrialization projects of high-tech achievements and realize rolling development

3. Further reduce material costs, further strengthen the role of key scientific research institutions and research centers in various industries in science and technology development, application and promotion, and actively promote the close integration of scientific research institutions and large and medium-sized enterprises

4. Strive to promote international exchanges and cooperation, and introduce a number of new technologies, new products and combinations urgently needed at home. Pay high attention to environmental protection and implement the strategy of sustainable development

6. speed up the system reform, adopt multi-channel financing and multi-economic component management methods, and seek common development suggestions

1 cantilever pendulum impact testing machine. The development history of fine chemicals in new fields in China is relatively short, and the foundation of scientific research and production is relatively weak. Compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap, but fine chemicals in new fields is one of the indispensable industries in the development of national economy, Therefore, the state should give support in tax, investment and other aspects to promote the development of fine chemicals in new fields in China. For example, feed additives have great social benefits and play a central role in saving feed grain and improving the output of meat, eggs and milk. However, as feed additives are part of agricultural chemicals, their price directly affects the cost of breeding industry, thus affecting the price of meat, eggs and milk, Therefore, the benefits of production enterprises are generally poor. In order to mobilize the polarity of production enterprises, we should continue to give tax relief in terms of products

2. In view of the difficulties and risks in the development of Fine Chemical Technology in new fields, the national industry development is still not standardized, and a certain number of scientific research funds should be invested in the form of bidding every year to promote the improvement of China's scientific research level

3. Strict relevant regulations should be formulated to restrict the use and production of backward fine chemical products, so as to facilitate the development of new products, such as the universal disk reading experimental machine

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