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Pre notice of organizing the coating industry to participate in the European Coating Exhibition

pre notice of organizing the coating industry to participate in the European Coating Exhibition

November 18, 2010

[China coating information] the European Coating Exhibition (ecs2011) will be held in Nuremberg, Germany on March 1, 2011 due to its low mechanical properties. The exhibition is hosted by Nuremberg exhibition company in Germany. It is held every two years. At present, it has been successfully held for ten times. Different types of experimental machines need different fixtures. Asia Pacific, North America and Europe are the key areas for the development of the coating industry. Every year in these three regions, the cultural exchange between China and Mongolia has entered a new stage. There are large-scale exhibitions, and the European Coating Exhibition has developed into one of the largest professional exhibitions in the global coating industry

with the development of China's coating industry, Chinese coating enterprises, pigment enterprises, equipment enterprises, raw and auxiliary material enterprises have gone abroad, built factories abroad and sold products abroad. Whenever foreign countries hold exhibitions and technical exchanges related to coatings, Chinese enterprises actively participate. At the last European paint exhibition in 2009, nearly 100 Chinese paint and raw and auxiliary material enterprises participated in Europe. The exhibition has become an important window for China's paint industry to enter the European market

in April, 2010, China Paint Industry Association successfully organized a Chinese paint delegation including nearly 60 Chinese paint and pigment exhibitors to participate in the American Charlotte paint Exhibition (acs2010), also hosted by Nuremberg exhibition company. In order to promote the exchange and cooperation between China's coating industry and its foreign counterparts, better understand and learn the world's advanced technology, and let Chinese enterprises go abroad, China Coating Industry Association and Beijing Tibo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will organize a delegation of China's coating industry to participate in the 2010 European Coating Exhibition

I. time arrangement:

exhibition time: March, 2011

exhibition location: Nuremberg, Germany

group form: group A is the exhibition team, and the time is about 7 days

group B is the exhibition, visit and investigation team, time 1, the price is slightly higher than one arm, about 1.0 days

investigate the development of the European coating industry, visit related enterprises

schedule: the time to go abroad is selected between March 27 and April 6, The specific schedule will be determined according to the registration of the enterprise

II. Required fee

booth fee: 32000rmb/9 square meters, and other publicity expenses required by exhibitors

delegation fee: 21000rmb/person of group a

30000rmb/person of group B

III. registration:

1. Deadline: December 31, 2010

2 Contact information for registration:

Xu Yan, member Department of China Paint Industry Association

: 010 -

Fax: 010 -

email: idcncia @

Qu gang of Beijing paint International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

: 010 -

Fax: 010 -


email: qugang818@

China Paint Industry Association

Beijing paint International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

October 8th, 2010

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