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Invitation letter of COPC customer exchange salon

this salon is jointly organized by COPC Inc. and Dalian Jinhui Rongzhi Technology Co., Ltd., mainly discussing topics related to the service process

nowadays, more than 50% of customer interactions go through a long process and involve multiple contacts, including interaction, face-to-face interaction, backstage tasks and other different contacts. To stand out in such an industry environment, enterprises need to strive to improve the horizontal service process, rather than focusing on the vertical service interaction. Service process thinking, therefore, the facing layer should not adopt face brick dimension, which is a comprehensive way to improve customer experience through service process. It not only examines the process from the perspective of customers, but also examines the various components that support the customer experience, including the personnel, technology and processes of the enterprise. Through the application of service process thinking, enterprises can significantly improve operational efficiency and improve performance. For customers, it means reducing fees, improving satisfaction and enhancing loyalty

activity schedule

time: December 20, 2019, afternoon 14:: 20

location: Chengdu

keynote consultant

Cui Xiao | director of Greater China of COPC Inc.

since joining COPC Inc., Cui Xiao has provided training, consultation, certification and benchmark evaluation services for internal, third-party and backstage support centers. Perhaps the collection time is too long). The types of centers he serves include telecommunications, insurance, banking, technical support In e-commerce, energy, airlines, travel services, television sales and other industries, the number of seats served ranges from more than 10 to more than 10000. He has cooperated with call centers in China, the United States, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions to provide training and consulting services, and helped these centers improve key performance areas, such as customer satisfaction, service, quality and cost

guest speaker

JIANG Lianghong, deputy general manager of Dalian Jinhui Rongzhi Data Service Co., Ltd.

has 25 years of industry experience, mainly more than 10 years of project management experience in foreign semiconductor enterprises and more than 10 years of BPO customer service project operation and management experience. It has undertaken and implemented projects such as operators, customer service in the automotive industry, customer service in the securities industry, customer service in the head travel industry, customer service in the head e-commerce industry, customer service in the well-known logistics industry, and customer service in the aviation service industry

registration method and contact person

please send an email to fjin@ and dcheng@ before December 13, 2019, providing company, name, position, and email information. COPC will confirm your registration according to the sequence. Due to the limited number of participants, please register in advance to ensure your seat. We look forward to your presence

Fang Jin


email: fjin@

: +

Dorothy Cheng

:dorothy26_ 54

email: dcheng@

: +

enrollment policy

1 This activity is a promotion activity organized by COPC consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. for its selected clients. The registration can be considered as successful only after it is confirmed by COPC consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd

2. Each company can only sign up for 2 people at most, and these 2 people do not need to pay any fees

3. If the registered personnel cannot participate in the exchange salon, other personnel of the company can replace the registered personnel. Please use recycled plastic for 3D printing objects and notify the cancellation or change by email before 12:00 a.m. the day before the salon

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