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Investment risks of European and American paper and packaging products in China

the general view of European and American paper and packaging product production industry insiders on investing in the Chinese market is that we should be cautious when engaging in investment activities and expanding the scale of development in China. We must pay attention to the operation mode of Chinese domestic enterprises

in response to the above views, PricewaterhouseCoopers' research report entitled "China's paper and packaging market" was released, The research report aims to conduct a detailed and comprehensive risk and return on investment assessment for paper and packaging enterprises that hope to enter the Chinese market and want to expand their investment in the Chinese market. The research includes the economic situation of China's paper packaging industry Detailed analysis of policy and cultural environment - these factors are hidden behind the surface economic growth

PwC's preferred report format worldwide (the test program adds the built-in excel report. Rober bamde, the leader of the forest, paper and packaging department, used the high weathering materials used in combination with 5 gold, has become extremely important. Mr. n believes that although there are many opportunities in the Chinese market, many enterprises have suffered in the Chinese market. Domestic and foreign paper and packaging product companies should carefully evaluate the risks and return on investment. They should take promoting Chinese paper and packaging products as the core goal and be careful Make plans in a timely manner; Increase revenue and obtain more and more stable profits. For enterprises with insufficient understanding and experience of the industry. Entering the Chinese market will encounter a lot of unexpected obstacles and problems

China is now the second largest paper and packaging market in the world, with annual sales of US $20billion. Industry insiders predict that China's paper consumption will increase by 30% to 70million tons per year by 2010. The growth of the packaging sector will also show the same growth, from 32 billion tons in 2004 to 50 million tons in 2008. This industry will become a strong driving force for economic growth. This experimental machine in various shapes is a relatively successful technology produced by our company, and it is also the first advanced technology to meet the needs of the paper and packaging field, but at the same time, it requires a lot of foreign investment to achieve this goal

Alison Wong, leader of PWC forest paper and packaging, said: "enterprises entering the Chinese market must also have an in-depth understanding of this multicultural field. They should learn more from experienced local experts"

source: China Packaging

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