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Analysis on investment strategy of packaging and printing industry chain

the corrugated box industry chain benefits from consumption upgrading, but it is still affected by economic fluctuations. Different from the previous tobacco and alcohol label industry chain, the end products of the tobacco and alcohol label industry chain are cigarettes and alcoholic beverages (both belong to hobby consumer goods), while the end products of the corrugated box industry chain should be divided into two. In addition to daily necessities such as food, medicine and household chemicals, the downstream also includes electronics, clothing, home appliances, furniture and other light industrial products, which are either non essential consumer goods, or have their own cyclical properties, or 2. Polysulfone PSF or PSU are export-related, so the anti cyclical is not as strong as the former. Once the economy suffers a sharp decline or serious inflation, Dampened consumer confidence or a sharp decline in exports will still have an impact on their demand

prospects of the industrial chain: the increase of per capita consumption of cartons and the concentration of carton board paper industry and carton industry. In view of the fact that the domestic per capita consumption of corrugated boxes and the industry concentration are far behind the developed countries in the world, and even behind other emerging economies such as India, the two increases are reasonable in the context of consumption upgrading

gold mine that turns a blind eye to waste paper recycling. The low industrialization of the waste paper recycling industry is tantamount to the loss of a rich gold mine, but also seriously restricts the development of the domestic corrugated box industry chain. In addition to the hope that the government will exert a push, we believe that if the downstream box board paper products enterprises can extend the classification of hardness meters, we just want to say that extending to the source can not only change the current situation of high external dependence of waste paper, but also improve the operating efficiency of all links of the industrial chain. In addition, since the gross profit level of box board paper products and corrugated boxes is directly affected by the price of waste paper, we can pay attention to the fluctuations in the import price of waste paper and the resulting investment opportunities

in the whole industrial chain, we are optimistic about the special equipment enterprises and corrugated box enterprises that position themselves in the medium and high-end fields and focus on integrated services. The role of integrated service in the two is different: the integrated service of special equipment mainly plays the role of locking customers and grabbing high gross profit of after-sales service; The integrated service of the latter mainly plays a role in entering the medium and high-end market and grabbing the high gross profit of medium and high-end products. We focus on the long-term investment value of Dongfang Seiko (002611) and meiyingsen (002303)

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