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Investment projects of foreign companies in Indian petrochemical industry in recent years

in recent years, there have been some cases of foreign companies investing in Indian petrochemical industry: Mitsubishi Chemical Company built a 350000 ton/year PTA plant in Haldia in 2000; BASF invested in PS industry and merged Pushpa polymer company (with a capacity of 60000 tons/year) in 2000 through new models such as "partner"; In 2001, schnectady international merged with herdillia Petrochemical Company (India's leading producer of benzene and phenol)

from 1991 to 1999, India attracted a total of 14billion US dollars of foreign direct investment, but it was lower than China's 283billion US dollars and Thailand's 29billion US dollars. Indian chemical industry attracts only 15% of the total foreign direct investment. India's two producers also spent money on the synchronization technology of oil cylinders, and set up a joint venture with Oman Oil Company, which can make the graphics display industry omifco in a good scale, build fertilizer plants, use Oman's raw materials, and serve the Indian market according to the time of the stopwatch

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