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Investment target of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the next five years

investment target of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the next five years

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Guide: this industry is very exciting. It has a domestic leading high-speed rail manufacturing enterprise with rapid growth and relatively small human error of overall compressive strength value, and a leading stock of high-end equipment manufacturing with policy support, With the fire all attributed to insulation materials is actually inappropriate, there are also lively construction machinery brand enterprises. Second tier blue chips in the machinery industry have been sought after by public funds and insurance institutions. Wealth

this industry is very exciting. It has domestic leading high-speed rail manufacturing enterprises with rapid growth and global expansion, leading stocks of high-end equipment manufacturing with policy support, as well as bustling construction machinery multi brand enterprises

second tier blue chips in the machinery industry have been sought after by public funds and insurance institutions. Caihui data statistics show that at the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, the circulating market value of the machinery industry among the top ten heavy warehouse stocks held by the fund was 42.54 billion yuan, an increase of 62.86% over the previous quarter

the investment community once had concerns about the prospects of the construction machinery industry, which may be overblown in the short term. According to the survey of Monita construction machinery in February this year, construction machinery enterprises and dealers are generally optimistic about the sales volume in the first quarter. The construction of affordable housing, water conservancy and high-speed rail will also ensure that the absolute level of construction machinery sales will remain high. Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in this field, as traditional fund heavy positions, have also obtained fund additional positions in the past six months. In the private placement before the Spring Festival, Liugong was even more sought after by funds, with a total of 1.75 billion yuan subscribed by four public funds, namely Nanfang, China Post, e fund and noan

coal machine equipment manufacturing is a small industry, but there is no lack of excellence. Lu Zhou, a researcher at Everbright Securities, believes that the coal machinery industry will enter a golden age in the next five years and is expected to become the second rising construction machinery sector

Luzhou predicts that the coal engine industry will maintain an industry growth rate of more than 25% in the next five years, and it is expected that the domestic market alone will reach 220 billion yuan in 2015. The leading stocks of this industry, Zhengmei machinery and Linzhou heavy machinery, are worthy of attention

although the secondary market is affected by the change of the leadership of the Ministry of railways, railway equipment companies can still maintain high-speed growth in the next few years. Its support comes from market demand, not only from the high investment in railway infrastructure in the next four to five years, but also from the continuous good news from overseas markets. Long Hua, a researcher at Haitong Securities, said that on February 14 this year, the Ministry of Railways announced that the total scale of China's railway fixed asset investment plan in 2011 was 850billion yuan, of which the investment scale of railway rolling stock alone reached 126billion yuan, of which CSR and CNR will be the two main beneficiaries

compared with engineering machinery, coal machinery and other machinery industries, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry has a broader prospect and a greater imagination. On September 8th, 2010, the State Council reviewed and approved in principle the decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, which included the high-end equipment manufacturing industry into the category of strategic emerging industries as a pillar industry

high end equipment manufacturing mainly includes aviation, satellite, rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment; According to the explanation of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, intelligent equipment manufacturing mainly includes six categories of products, such as intelligent instruments, CNC machine tools, robots, etc. Many researchers and investment managers believe that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, as the beneficiary of economic transformation, is expected to develop into a domestic pillar industry in the next few years

private equity fund manager Lin Xiongping believes that medium and long-term industry analysis should be properly carried out in the process of asset allocation. The construction machinery industry is difficult to reproduce the glory of previous years, and should not become the focus of personal investment. To obtain excess returns, we should look for leading stocks in high-end equipment manufacturing such as offshore engineering equipment manufacturing and CNC machine tools. In addition to the high-speed railway equipment manufacturing industry specifically mentioned above, aviation manufacturing and marine engineering equipment are promising. Aviation equipment manufacturing includes large aircraft, regional aircraft, helicopters, etc., which can be used as the investment target in the next five years or even longer

the marine equipment industry, like the shipbuilding industry and the container industry, is expected to accept the global industrial transfer and become a new global marine manufacturing center. At present, this field is still on the eve of great expansion. Leading stocks in these fields include Erzhong heavy equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., CIMC group, Xichang international, etc. Of course, Lin Xiongping believes that companies such as CIMC need to be differentiated. After all, the marine trade union has caused too much resistance in the printing process, and the business income such as equipment accounts for only a small proportion of its main business income

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