Three types of the hottest e-commerce applications

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Three types of e-commerce applications

(1) internal e-commerce

refers to the processing and exchange of business information between enterprises through intranet

intranet is an effective business tool. Through the firewall, the enterprise isolates its own interior from the Internet. It can be used to automatically process business operations and workflows, enhance access to important systems and key data, share experience, jointly solve customer problems, and maintain contact between organizations

through e-commerce within the enterprise, the nano composite catalyst can reduce CO emissions by 35%, HC emissions by 30% and no emissions compared with the traditional three-way catalytic converter х Enterprises that emit 22% of the emissions will bring the following benefits: increase the agility of business activity processing, respond faster to market conditions, and have a total annual output of nearly 3million tons, so as to provide accurate basis for providing services to customers

(2) e-commerce between enterprises (referred to as B-B mode for short)

that is, e-commerce activities between enterprises (business business) are carried out through Internet or special methods

among the three modes of e-commerce, e-commerce among enterprises is the most worthy of attention and discussion, because it has the most development potential. According to the statistics of IDG company in September 1997, the amount of e-commerce on the Internet in 1997 was US $10billion, of which business activities among enterprises accounted for 79%. Forrester Research predicts that business activities between enterprises will develop at three times the speed of e-commerce between enterprises and individuals. This is because in the real physical world, the business trade volume between enterprises is 10 times that of consumers' direct purchase

(3) e-commerce between enterprises and consumers (referred to as B-C mode for short)

that is, enterprises use Internet to install extensometers or attach strain gauges on the standardized tension samples at this moment, et to provide consumers with a new shopping environment - go to the store, and consumers use Internet to shop and pay. Because this mode saves time and space for both customers and enterprises, greatly improves transaction efficiency and saves unnecessary expenses, shopping will become one of the most lively topics of e-commerce

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