Invita will become the new supplier of nylon 12 po

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INVISTA will become a new supplier of nylon 12 polymer

material supplier INVISTA has submitted a number of patent applications for polyamide 12 raw materials, hoping to enter the polyamide 12 resin market

company officials said in a recent release that the new technology will enable INVISTA, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, to become an important supplier of nylon (polyamide) 12 polymers and provide solutions that can meet the growing needs of the industry

the global supply of polyamide 12 became a major problem at the beginning of 2012. Any unit or individual that manufactures new measuring instruments listed in the catalogue of measuring instruments administered by law of the people's Republic of China (type approval part) for the purpose of sales must pass the type evaluation in terms of function according to national specifications. Wood based panel testing machines have multi-functional experimental uses, At that time, a major explosion accident occurred in Evonik industrial group's plant in marl, Germany, resulting in a global shortage of CYCLODODECATRIENE (CDT) raw materials, resulting in a serious shortage of global supply of polyamide 12 resin. This also prompted auto suppliers to start looking for alternatives to nylon 12. The steel ore continued to hang upside down and increased and the downstream demand was poor, resulting in steel mills' willingness to stop production for inspection. Polyamide 12 is widely used in fuel lines and braking systems

Evonik's CDT plant was put into production again at the end of 2012

NVIDIA officials now say that the company will immediately start looking for market inputs and raw materials, and it is expected that it will be able to supply polyamide 12 products as early as 2015. After the materials meet the standard, NVIDIA will expand the production scale of this new process and put it into full production

the company's chemical sales launch. Ed Sullivan, the global business director of C12 intermediates, said in the draft that if the pilot production is successful, INVISTA will become the first new fully integrated nylon 12 manufacturer in more than 30 years. We believe that NVIDIA's Nylon 12 technology is simpler and more efficient than the existing technology

sullivan also mentioned the recent shortage of polyamide 12, saying that NVIDIA's polyamide 12 chemical intermediates provided great help to the market during the supply shortage in 2012

he added that since then, in order to provide more supply options to the market, the company has been constantly exploring innovative production methods of polyamide 12 monomer and other long-chain molecules

during the shortage of polyamide 12, many material manufacturers, including Celanese, Rhodia, DSM and DuPont, provided resins that they claimed could replace polyamide 12. At the 2013 K show in Germany, Evonik officials said that they had regained all polyamide 12 sales lost during the shortage period

INVISTA is the world's leading supplier of nylon 6/6 resin and composites. The parent company of the company is Koch Industries Inc., a comprehensive industrial group based in Wichita

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