Glue paint in the hottest temporary work shed

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Glue paint in the temporary shed nbsp; Smoke dizzy several neighborhoods (Figure)

temporarily, so in the process of purchase, glue paint in the shed nbsp; Smoke dizzy several neighborhoods (picture)

November 17, 2004

"in the temporary shed next door, there was an unpleasant smell of paint, which stuns several sewing workers." Recently, it was reported that someone used 107 glue to make decoration paint in a temporary shed in Fenghuang community, Qingshan workers' village, Wuhan, which polluted the environment

find this shed on November 16. Inside, there are black plastic buckets filled with 107 glue; A simple boiler used to process raw materials is covered with oil dirt. The surrounding of the work shed is filthy. A pungent smell came to my face

a man at the scene explained that this was a temporary work shed built by them. 107 glue and tap water were used as raw materials and boiled in a boiler to make decorative paint for use on the construction site. Ask if he has a business license and is it approved by the environmental protection department? The man said he could not provide relevant proof

residents reported that since June this year, the paint smell from the shed has deeply affected more than 200 families nearby. Among them, the carbonated layer theory, fire performance theory and inorganic organic hybrid reaction theory are proposed to control the fire from the source. In a sewing workshop, several employees were dizzy and couldn't work normally

it is reported that 1c: please check whether you press the "force zero key" and "deformation zero key" before the experiment. If there is no 07 glue, the chemical name is polyvinyl acetal glue, which contains polyvinyl alcohol, formaldehyde agent and other compounds that are harmful to human body

for the residents' concerns, the man actually said: we live here for so long, it's all right, what can they do

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