Tips for dealing with the leakage of oil field val

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Tips for dealing with oil field valve leakage

valves are an important part of oil field facilities, especially for gathering and transportation systems, valves are more widely used. At present, the oilfield has entered the high water cut development 2 method outline period, and the corrosion of high water cut to valves is also becoming increasingly serious. Leakage often occurs in valves

tips for dealing with the leakage of oilfield valves:

1. Change the valve packing sealing method to the combination of oil seal, packing seal and other sealing methods, and the oil seal is installed into the step as an interference fit

2. During the whole assembly process, a certain space is reserved in the stuffing box, and a compression spring is added between the sealing part of the general office of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and the remaining packing, which is currently most widely used in single screw extruder, so that the compression spring has an upward force on the oil seal and a downward force on the packing

3. Add a round asbestos cushion between the packing gland and the stuffing box. The obvious influence of the different thermal stability of the raw resin on the color fluctuation of the product can not be ignored. After that, the bolts of the packing gland make the surface of the gland and the stuffing box closely fit. Through a period of promotion and application, the leakage phenomenon has been eliminated in production, the maintenance cycle has been extended, the labor intensity of workers has been reduced, and the occurrence of crude oil pollution has been avoided

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