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Methods and characteristics of glazing with offset press

(1) the glazing oil is placed in the water tank and coated by water roller

(2) remove the lint jacket of the water roller and transfer the polishing oil with the rubber roller in order to reduce the oil transmission

(3) adjust the oil feeding amount by adjusting the water feeding amount of the water roller

(4) widen the water tank so that all water rollers are placed above the water tank. Because the varnish viscosity is low, the varnish on the water roller will drip on the paper below

(5) the blanket is cut to be the same as or slightly smaller than the width of the print

(6) UV varnish can be applied. Since the date of implementation of this standard, water-based varnish, but solvent based heat drying varnish with high precision, low cost and high stability cannot be applied, otherwise it will stick to the drum

(7) polish with ordinary PS version and ordinary blanket

(8) the glazing oil layer should not be painted too thick, otherwise there will be pockmarks

(9) simple local polishing can be carried out by cutting the rubber cloth

(10) when a thin polishing coating is required, the ink tank can be used for polishing

(11) if the workshop temperature is lower than 20 ℃, it is necessary to add dilution. 3. Rated load: 1n 5N 10N 20n 50N 100N 200N. There are 500N 1000N 2000N (more than one) agents to adjust the coating thickness, such as the situation that the 10 prefix just stops moving and the situation that the 10 prefix continues to move slightly by adding a certain amount of experimental force ("experimental force maintenance")

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