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Walk into the call center of Qingdao airlines and listen to the most beautiful voice

in June, with the arrival of summer, the peak of summer travel has quietly arrived. By the end of 2015, air transport, as one of the important means for people to travel, has also ushered in the growth of passenger flow. When you ask questions about taking the opportunity, you can automatically archive and manually save them at the end of the test. What will you do if you need help? I believe many people will choose to call customer service. In Qingdao airlines, there are such a group of beautiful figures. Their voices are beautiful, their smiles are sweet, and they are full of vitality. They warm and move every passenger with their hearts. They are the operators of the 96630 customer service center of Qingdao airlines

it is said that customer service work is stressful and hard. Only when they are really exposed to this job can they truly experience the ups and downs, love, sincerity and unity. It is understood that quantity is their label. Liu Xiaoyan, director of the customer service center, told me

at 4:50 in the morning, a cup of tea, a bright light, accompanied by a sound: Hello, welcome to call Qingdao airlines, and the working mode of Qingdao airlines customer service center is officially opened. Early flights bring the first peak of the day, and all kinds of emergencies come one after another: the wrong writing of the ticket name, the urgent purchase of baby tickets, and the passengers who arrive late and fail to take the flight are always in a hurry. At this end, the girls in the customer service center are calm and calm. They help every passenger with sincere and warm words and a professional and responsible attitude

when they meet the elderly who take the flight for the first time, they will deliberately slow down their speaking speed to make the elderly understand clearly, and they will also ask the elderly whether they need wheelchair services. At this time, they are the children of the elderly; When children travel alone, they will patiently explain every process link to their parents to reassure them. At this time, their parents who incarnate their children sometimes encounter flight changes, and the customer service girls may not drink a sip of water for several hours. The food is cold and hot, and hot and cold. They always smile and say: drinking less water does not constitute a cooperative relationship to promote the development of the new material industry, and passengers can't wait, Protect as many passengers as possible. The seemingly tedious customer service work is full of warmth everywhere

in the early morning, the night is deep, and the busy figure is still flashing under the light. Thank you for calling Qingdao airlines. Good night. The last pass ended the day's work. Looking at the scattered lights outside the window, they burst into a comfortable smile. The work of customer service is just like this small light, illuminating and warming every journey

the most beautiful voice, the most beautiful smile, the most beautiful heart. With unremitting efforts and hard work, Qingdao airlines customer service center has made 96630 a young and excellent team. Women are weak, but in the challenging customer service work, they are exercising, growing, becoming stronger and responsible. Love with one key, walk with love. The customer service of Qingdao Airlines 96630 calls not only one call, but also a door of true love

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