Go to cebit2010 to see the mobile Internet

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Go to CeBIT 2010 to see mobile Internet

in the early morning of March 2, CeBIT 2010, the world's largest ICT Industry Exhibition, opened in Hannover, Germany. Throughout the first quarter, we all called: 010 (5) 9339239, driven by various international heavy technology exhibitions, crazy to absorb all kinds of new products, technologies and sounds, hoping to sort out a little context for the IT industry in 2010 before the spring. From CES, WMC, PMA to CeBIT, which is the gorgeous end of the first quarter exhibition season, these comprehensive or professional exhibitions are trying to tell us that 2010 is a year of technology and innovation recovery, and it is a year worth looking forward to

back to CeBIT itself, from the information disclosed before the exhibition and various exhibitors, CeBIT has shown an increasingly strong flavor of enterprise level, of course, including small and medium-sized enterprises and personal applications. Let's take a look at the core content of this CeBIT. The new theme in large steel enterprises is "connected worlds - connected worlds". The exhibition is composed of commercial it, green it, network and mobile solutions, network communities, intelligent transportation, telemedicine, information security, banking and finance, communication technology, ICT infrastructure and dealer zones. In the process of CEB's actual production and amplification of poly amino acids, 12 of the 23 main it venues displayed enterprise level technologies and products, and real consumer products accounted for only 4 venues. The entrepreneur representative attending the opening ceremony is Mr. bill McDermott, the co CEO of SAP. The performance after the opening ceremony was presented by IBM... Different from the several exhibitions we have paid attention to before, CeBIT has gradually clarified its positioning with enterprise level information technology as the core from a global comprehensive technology exhibition

according to the data provided by the organizer, 4157 companies (4292 in 2009) from 68 countries (69 in 2009) will show their strength at this CeBIT. The organizer specially stated that about 300 of them participated in CeBIT for the first time, including Google, Amazon Internet service, etc. many industry giants have interrupted the exhibition and returned to Hannover again this year, such as AMD, Ericsson, Motorola

Raue, the head of CeBIT organizers, said that many exhibitors will reflect the theme of "connecting the world" in their exhibitions, telling people that the boundaries between work and entertainment, mobile and fixed, and offline will further disappear. I prefer to understand the theme of this CeBIT connected worlds as "connected worlds", which includes the connection between devices, between devices and content, and between devices and people... Among these rich connections, we hope to explore more new things about mobile Internet at this exhibition. Because mobile Internet reflects the truly ubiquitous connectivity, all applications are readily available regardless of location, environment, and terminal type

on CeBIT, we will see the complete industrial chain of mobile Internet. Cloud computing and cloud services will become a powerful support for mobile Internet applications. The integrated application of services at the Internet end allows mobile terminals to enjoy endless resources more flexibly. No matter in the field of business or personal information and entertainment applications, we will see a large number of application modes based on cloud services and mobile Internet terminals, which not only liberate the footsteps of users, but also open the curtain of future mobile Internet applications

as the core exhibition of ICT industry, all kinds of latest mobile terminals will also shine on CeBIT, among which intelligence is certainly indispensable. Although the annual MWC event of the industry has just ended, it is only the beginning of the 2010 smart dance. Microsoft's win Phone7, Samsung's Bada and other operating systems will be unveiled in CeBIT, and the latest Android such as HTC and LG will also move to Hannover from the MWC venue in Barcelona. In addition to hardware, we should pay more attention to the development of intelligence in applications. It is these dazzling applications that make intelligence the most popular mobile internet terminal, not only rapidly expanding its share in the market, but also repeatedly breaking through the traditional category in the application mode. And these seemingly scattered and insignificant applications themselves will gradually move to the front stage, converge, and become the hands of the mobile Internet market

like intelligence, notebook computers and Shangben are also important members of mobile Internet terminals. As the exhibition with the strongest it flavor at the beginning of the year, ASUS, MSI and other hardware manufacturers will release a full range of new products on CeBIT, including laptops using the new Intel platform, the legendary latest image core of NVIDIA, and the function and appearance innovation of various hardware products are also worth looking forward to. Smart books and tablet computers will become the highlights of this year after the brilliant debut of 2009. The intelligence based on Qualcomm snapdragon processor will strive to establish its position, while the trend of tablet "restoration" set off by Apple iPad is expected to see the first batch of "allies". Whether these tablets use windows 7/mobile, Android or Linux, they all have the ability of mobile Internet connection, and strive to describe various ideal or even beyond imagination mobile application scenarios for users

in addition to the products, technologies and applications of mobile Internet, we should also pay attention to many native features of CeBIT. For example, green is undoubtedly the core theme of this CeBIT. In hall 8, a large number of enterprises will show their creativity in green, environmental protection and energy conservation. Design is the focus of many people watching the exhibition at CeBIT by Ms. Yu Miao, the Asia Pacific Business Director of Dow polyurethane business department, a leading chemical enterprise in the United States. This year's design exhibition area has a new theme. It will not only announce the latest selection results of if awards, but also provide a communication space for a large number of designers. The wonderful ideas in the exhibits are enough for us to recall the whole year

well, next, as we walk into the huge exhibition hall of cebit2010, imagine the world of infinite connection, and feel the innovation that has been slightly spring. Sohu it

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