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Which model of Haier water heater jsq31 or jsq25 is good? What is the difference?

the power and performance of Haier water heater jsq31 and jsq25 are different. Haier water heater jsq31 is better in terms of performance and power. Other functions are the same. Please refer to the following comments

I. how about the jsquts series of Haier gas water heaters

the haier/Haier gas water heater is a new natural gas variable frequency thermostatic forced exhaust type with 12 liters and 13 liters. It has been planted and used for some time. I feel that this water heater is very good. The control cover covers the guide column and the ball screw sub controller. It adopts an embedded single-chip microcomputer structure. The water heater has a beautiful appearance, fast heating, simple operation, fast temperature water supply, and just good thermostatic water, Logistics is also super fast. I like it very much. It is very convenient to use water. Overall, I am quite satisfied. Friends in need, please click this thickness greater than 25mm to view more details of users' comments on advantages and disadvantages

II. Price of Haier gas water heater jsquts series:

haier/Haier gas water heater domestic natural gas frequency conversion constant temperature forced exhaust optional 12 liter 13 liter uts

[at the price] 1699.00 yuan


this product has promotional activities in tmall Haier flagship store, and friends in need, You may wish to check the latest tmall activity quotation. Time is limited. If necessary, it is recommended to refer to it in a timely manner

III. The number of strategic opportunities for Haier gas water heater jsquts series configuration parameter is still in progress:

IV. comments from other users of Haier gas water heater jsquts series:

1. The gas water heater is simple, beautiful and generous in appearance. The express delivery is very fast, and the water temperature is constant, which is particularly good. It does not feel cold and hot. It is simple and convenient to operate, and it will be repurchased next time

2. The baby is very easy to use. It took several days to evaluate. The quality is good, the water flow is fast, the temperature is stable, all parties are very good, and the installation service is also in place. It is neat and clean.

3. I bought two sets of water heaters, one for my parents. If the customer service little sister hadn't found the wrong evaluation, haha, a new house is used, and the gas water heater is for my parents. My parents said that it's very good. When I turn on the tap, there will be hot water, The effect is good. It can also be used by the elderly. Thank you, boss. I will come to your house if necessary More popular models of tmall

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