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Which is better to introduce VR glasses HTC vive CE, pro, focus plus or pro eye? What's the difference

htc vive is a popular VR in the market to fight against more uncertain eyewear brands in the low tide of chemical industry. Its popular models include HTC vive CE, HTC vive pro, HTC vive focus plus, HTC vive Pro eye Professional Edition package, and HTC vive large box Edition (Consumer Edition, commercial Edition) -> small box edition --> weight reduction edition --> Pro Edition. The pointed direction represents various evolutions in terms of time axis and details. By the time of pro, 33% of the technology is changed to 70 gypsum hollow strips. Pro is currently the most expensive and clear

in general, the main differences between HTC vive versions are the time to market and appearance color, and the delay rate is different. HTC vive focus plus VR and HTC vive Pro eye are the latest versions to be launched in 2019. Their performance is relatively improved, and their functions are the same. It mainly depends on personal happiness. Just choose one that suits you

htc vive ce

htc vive pro professional version

htc vive focus plus

htc vive Pro eye

htc vive quotation and comment comparison of various versions:

1, HTC vive ce

reference price: ¥ 4888 (check the latest quotation of JD)

user comments: the virtual world has a strong sense of addiction, the picture quality is very clear, the operation and movement are quite free, the playing methods are diverse, and they are reflected by swinging with the body.The flexibility of VR, Worth having

2. HTC vive pro professional version

reference price: ¥ 9888 (check JD's latest quotation)

user comments: viewing panoramic pictures is very immersive. In addition, it is very good to play shooting games with two controllers, which is very immersive

3. HTC vive focus plus

reference price electric valve actuator wiring connection grid: ¥ 5699.00 (see JD's latest quotation)

user comments: very good! I have a very strong sense of immersion, which makes me experience many feelings I have never felt before, such as flying, giant fear, deep-sea fear, etc. the feeling of goose bumps and excitement is irresistible. The software lineup is more important than the hardware data. At present, there are still few interactive ways. Many games are easy to get dizzy when moving. We look forward to more interaction modes in the future. Those who have enough budget must buy a new version

4. HTC vive Pro eye

reference price: ¥ 13888 In addition, you can also use the popular computer 00 (check JD's latest quotation)

user comments: it's very good. I've experienced it in the experience store before. I've always wanted to buy it. I've saved all my money, but my mother doesn't agree?. Recently, I finally agreed to buy it back. Ha ha ha! This is totally different from the experience in the experience store. When you buy it yourself, you are really free to play whatever you want to play. This is simply opening a new era! I feel very good. First, I can exercise and keep fit. Second, when I am under great pressure, this can have a good release effect

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