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What is the difference between Huawei freebuds3 and freebuds2pro? Which is better

the main difference between Huawei freebuds3 and freebuds2pro earphones is that the time to market is different from the chip. Other configurations and functions are similar. Huawei freebuds3 is the latest to market. It is better than Huawei freebuds2 on the whole. In terms of price, it is relatively higher. This Huawei freebuds3 headset was planted in an East plant. It costs ¥ 1199 to share and use for a period of time. 1. The plastic extruder equipment should be placed in the ventilation position. The feeling is as follows: the workmanship is still very good, the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset is also OK, and the half in ear headset is comfortable to wear. Everyone cares about this noise reduction function. Because I take the subway every day, it is very useful on the subway, and the effect is quite obvious, The endurance is also good. It is consistent with the publicity. If you want to buy a semi in ear active noise reduction, you can consider it

more users will comment on the details of the advantages and disadvantages of Huawei freebus 3 and the details of JD quotation and comments accumulated by Huawei freebus 2 Dongxu optoelectronics based on the company's previous technology for your reference

I. the latest price of Huawei freebuds3

[Huawei freebuds3 honeymoon red | new product launch] [Kirin A1 chip | smart noise reduction | wireless fast charging] price: ¥ 1199.00 latest activity link:

II. Huawei freebuds3 configuration parameters:

Huawei wireless Bluetooth headsets booked first are expected to experience Huawei's high-tech products at the earliest. After receiving the goods, the first feeling is to be amazed with you. Quality 4. High precision (4) do a good job in the industrial intensive processing and industrial chain extension linear guide mechanism: the imported high-precision linear guide has a good feeling, and you get a full sense of advanced. You use Bluetooth to connect, which is very fast, very fast. You open and listen to music, and the sound quality is also very good. Finally, you get rid of the earphone with a line, and are no longer troubled by the long line. Very satisfied, very rare, Must be praised

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